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3 Teen Tips to an Amazing Winter Vacation

Jan 19, 2020 | Travel, Travel Tips | 0 comments

In the winter of 2019 my family was talking about what to do for Christmas break. Some of you might know, but for those who don’t my family lives in a desert and we don’t ever get to have snow. A friend invited us to this amazing cabin, so we all sat down and discussed as a family to decide if we were going. 

We decided that would be a fun experience. Secluded from the world, in a big cabin with feet of snow surrounding us, and no sign of any other human being. 

So we started packing. Whats funny is, in our family, during every trip at least one person would forget something. Because we would forget things my parents have made up a really fun game where they give us a list and then whoever finishes first and doesn’t forget anything wins. This game really makes it easy to make sure we didn’t forget anything. 

After we made sure we didn’t forget anything, we loaded the car and started the VERY long car ride. The car ride consisted of reading and finishing my book, 2 movies and a small nap. When I say long car ride I mean a  LOOOOOOOONG car ride. Hahaha

After the long car ride, we arrived! Except that we didn’t! We arrived to a parking lot. You can’t tell but my face right now is looking really confused!  Then I realized that we had to load our bags into a snow-mobile and ride 10-20 minutes to the cabin!! I was really happy at that because I like being away from society and being outside in nature. Maybe also because I like getting a lot of snow shoved on top of me… 

During the snow-mobile ride I kept laughing because we kept being bumped and I loved it. So after all the bumping we arrived at the cabin. This time we actually did get to the cabin.

The cabin had around 14 bedrooms and was surrounded by feet of snow. The nearest neighbor was across many hills. I felt like it was love at first sight, I almost squealed because i loved this cabin. But I had to keep my composure, I couldn’t let my Mom know that I loved it. 

Alrighty fast forward a bit, we unpacked, got dressed for sledding, and went down to see the other families. We all went down to be with the other families and kids our ages. There were 2 other kids my age, one I knew and we are friends already, and another I was excited to get to know. By the end of this trip I was really good friends with both of them. 

rykel winter3.jpg

Back to the cabin, we went sledding and made a lot of new sled trails. There was this one trail where the boys made 2 ramps on it, and at the end you fly off the big ramp and the boys would do tricks off of it. I was jealous at first, but then sledding again the next day, my friend got a bloody nose from the size of the ramp being so big. I can tell that your wondering, and yes, my friend is okay. 

We went sledding everyday from breakfast until almost dinner, and everyday was an adventure. The next day, as you know, we went sledding again. This time we went to a GINORMOUS hill and it took us about 10-15 minutes just to climb up most of the way. On the way down the hill, it was like we were flying. Imagine you are on a sled in the freezing cold, going down a huge hill, and the wind is nipping at your face as you ride down the hill. I didn’t care how long it took to get up there, as long as I was able to see the amazing view and go down the hill. 

When we were finally exhausted we came inside and played some ping pong. Ping pong is a very fun game to learn with awesome skills.  Well ok, I confess, it isn’t really THAT important, I just like it, A Lot. After our ping pong sessions we would watch a movie. What do the older kids watch when the younger kids go to bed? Well, we watched all the animated kid movies. Then we would go upstairs to our bed and fall asleep, exhausted.

Each day was filled with many adventures, and I would absolutely go back to that cabin. I got to experience things I never had!  I got to play in the snow and make new friends. 


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