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Disneyland Rise of the resistance, is it the best Disneypark ride EVER!? (spoiler alert)

Jan 22, 2020 | Travel, USA | 0 comments

The Disneyland Ride of the Resistance experience is exactly that! It’s a complete experience! From the moment you receive your boarding group confirmation (remember to have your app ready to open at 9:00am and claim your boarding group. Instead of keeping it open and refreshing which may lag a bit compared to opening it fresh at 9am) to being welcomed to the resistance base, you are educated, wowed, thrust and surprised at every corner! 

Multiple utility items used for seating

Multiple utility items used for seating

The line experience was incredible, well thought through and I feel like they really listened to park fanatics and added multiple spots for many people to sit and relax while waiting for the line to move. While moving along you get to see an array of Jedi and resistance uniforms and costumes. 

Resistance uniforms and costumes

Resistance uniforms and costumes

My sons favorite were the weapons cages and that took his attention long enough that he didn’t realize how long we had been waiting!


Once you finish the line you are put into a transport and start your journey to your new hidden resistance base. You may not complete this journey due to the first order interrupting your flight. 

Personnel transport

Personnel transport

SPOILER ALERT! (Do not read further if you like surprises)

Once you are forced out of your transit you are blown away and wowed by having to enter the star destroyer hanger that is filled with storm troopers, higher ranking officials and even a few tie fighters!!

Star destroyer hanger filled with animatronic stormtroopers

Star destroyer hanger filled with animatronic stormtroopers

While awkwardly waiting there you are broken into units of resistance sympathizers and moved into waiting areas where you are then assigned a color and moved into the final interrogation rooms! While waiting I asked if the ride was 3D and was yelled at by a first order lieutenant for talking out of turn. I then tried to look closer at a storm trooper and again was chided for stepping out of line and reminded that I am no longer allowed to have my own free will and that I was property of the first order now. 

Yes, yes, this is our in-trouble faces!

Yes, yes, this is our in-trouble faces!

The first order privates and lieutenants are all very serious and are not to be trifled with. They do not hold back in putting you in line and ordering your compliance. 

Kylo Ren and General Hux (digital and also via animatronics)  commence with the interrogations but are interrupted by a call to the command center and leave you and your sympathizer group alone…

Spoiler alert #2 

While awkwardly waiting in the cell you’ll start hearing noises in the air ducts and then start seeing a glow from the other side of the wall. Quite abruptly the wall breaks open and resistance fighters enter the cell to rescue you! 

As you exit the room you notice transports ready and awaiting your presence. You are then directed to enter and sit in the hovering transport and escape the destroyer. I was very worried, again, that it was a 3d ride and was pleasantly surprised and excited when I buckled in and the hovercraft lurched forward! 

The next minutes were filled with some of the most incredible Disney ride moments of my life!! I will not say much more than I expertises my children screaming with joy one second, screaming in terror and covering their faces the next moment and then the entire family looking up in awe and amazement the next! Truly, the creators of this attraction took ride and experience creation to the next level! It had ALL of the elements! There was an unexpected storyline that fit into the STAR WARS universe and included drops, lunges, multiple scare moments, and mixture of animatronic and 3D action sequences that had my kids putting their hands to their head and screaming to me “THIS IS MIND BLOWING!!” 

When we exited the ride we had to pause, take a moment and allow the entire ohana adventure squad to scream their favorite moments at each other while the crowd walked past us wondering why we were all such an eccentric group of individuals! 

What are your thoughts? Have you ridden it yet? Will you ride it soon?
let me know below!
-jase Bennett


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