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20 things to do STUCK AT HOME

Mar 21, 2020 | Everyday Life, Family Life | 0 comments


We find ourselves in a very interesting time, a time where it is best for the greater good to stay home & spend a bit more time with our families. Is this a YAY moment for you or a “WOAH…what am I going to do” moment? Either way, you’re going to possibly go a bit crazy thinking of things to do to keep the kids occupied and somewhat learning as you have a lot of extra time with them. 

I have this WOAH moment multiple times a week. A few years ago we decided to homeschool our children and I what a BIG change that was for us. Through many ups and down and working to find a balance of life amongst the chaos of having 6 kids home all day…every day…I found some things that have worked. I will share in full detail a bit later about our homeschool schedule, but I first wanted to share a list of FUN things you can do with kids of all ages. You may need to adjust here and there but this is a fun BUCKETLIST that will Lighten the MOOD and create some fun memories. And isn’t that what we all to leave our kids with fun long lasting memories?! I hope you enjoy! 

1 – Learn a TIK TOK Dance. 

You might be thinking, what the am I supposed to do that?! Well its more simple than you can imagine, if you have a teenager ASK THEM! If you don’t, scroll through TIK TOK (remember all social media sites have downsides and Tik Tok has lots of songs with BAD LANGUAGE), and find something super simple to do. It’ll definitely be a memory trying to make it work. 

2 – Play BLINDFOLD Hide & Seek

This is a fun game we created on our The Ohana Adventure YouTube Channel. 

Super Simple:

1) gather the fam into 1 room 

2) IT person puts on a blindfold & counts to 20-30 seconds

3) other members hide

4) The IT person walks around the room blindfolded, trying to find people. When they touch a person they get ONE TOUCH to figure out who that person is. If they call out the wrong name, that person gets to rehide. Those that are “caught” step outside of the fun zone. 

3 – Roast Marshmallows

Camping can be so fun with roasting marshmallows and telling stories…well this time CUT out the camping part and make a fire pit, roast some marshmallows and tell stories of crazy camping times.

roast marshmallows toa.JPG

4 – Let Kids Decide the Day

We often play this game and it gets really funny. You’ll be surprised the silly things your kids will come up with. Feel free to set some boundaries…like meals are still the same thing and same time. Or let loose and let the kids decide what to eat. TRUST ME..letting the kids decide can take that responsibility off your shoulders and it can be super fun! 

 5 – Try OUT a NEW Recipe 

I love doing this…but sometimes I forget to set time to research. Let your kids look up a fun new recipe, they will learn how to cook something new & you’ll get a new recipe in your book! 

Here are some of our FAVORITE recipes Kids can cook:

6 – PLant an HERB Garden

OR start planting your garden. It is almost that time of year that most areas can plant outside, its exciting! If its not that time yet, do some starts in the garage..the kids will love it. AND it is so good to be digging in the dirt and creating something yummy. 

7 – Whip Cream Challenge

Oh snap! This is a fun challenge & super simple. Gather your whip cream and put some on your wrist. Put your arm out infront of you and with your non cream arm, hit your cream arm in the elbow crease and flick the cream up and try and catch it in your mouth. WATCH the video to see our crazy family attempt this. 

8 – Build a FORT! 

Blankets, Boxes to Toilet Paper…forts are always fun! We like to let the kids decide what type of fort to build, we give them a time limit to gather supplies…then they get an hour to build. BUT the best part comes when you give them a challenge to see who can last the longest in their fort. This will allow YOU parents time to get whatever you need done. It may make a mess…but don’t worry its worth the HOURS of fun! 

9 – Go on a Family Walk

This is one of those easy things…that I tend not to do, because so many things on my list get in the way. TODAY make it happen! The goal for this list is to make the kids the priority and make these memories happen!

take dogs for walk.JPG

10 – Have Kids teach YOU a skill

On our Youtube Video for The Now Mom, I shared teaching my kids a new skilll. Of course you’’re going to do this, but what if they taught you a new skill. The children know so many different things on the phone. You can learn to edit a picture on Lightroom from your teenager, or maybe they can teach you how to play a game, or maybe they can teach you a new game…be OPEN and be ready. This is something they will talk about for months later…”remember mom when I taught you to Tiktok?!” Trust me, this is a winner! 

11 – Play Who Knows me Best! 

OH this is hilarious! The kids love to talk about what they love and what they think they know about you or about their sibling. This is a fun super simple game. There are many sites you can print out a list of questions for Who KNows ME are a few:

This is how you play; gather either paper & markers, or dry erase board & markers. Have 2 family members sit on either side of the CHOSEN kid. A host family member will ask the questions and the 2 members write down their answer & then the Chosen kid will answer and see who knows them best. Keep score to see who the winner is. Watch this vid to see our crazy family try to see Who Knows CORA best:

12 – Create an INdoor Picnic

Love this one! Who doesn’t love to mix up meal time. We take a blanket and take our lunch items into a kids bedroom, put the electronics away and just have fun…sitting and chatting and eating on the floor. Even the older kids think this is fun! 

13 – Take an Art Class on Youtube

Art is a great way to relieve stress. Teaching a class can sometimes be stressful too, so take all the stress away and let someone else teach your kids something. They will love learning to draw, paint, and sketch…try something new & don’t forget to do it together. 

Here are some links of great Art sites & Youtube videos:

14 – Create a Treasure Hunt

This may seem too daunty, pass this one off to the kids. We gave our little girls; 7 & 9, the task to creating a fun activity for the day. They came up with a treasure hunt for every single person in the family & a prize at the end. The prize was simple and extra things we had or treats and the hunt was made with little pieces of paper and simple instructions. This was such a fun 30 minute activity & everyone loved it. 


15 – Test TIK TOK Hacks

This could be hours of fun! Tik Tok is the new social platform that has everything from food hacks, to dances, to humor, to fashion to crazy. Always remember to be careful on social media platforms, but you could look for fun hacks & test them out. 

I’m sure your teens and tweens will totally know what tiktok hacks to test…but don’t stop on humorous hacks, go to food hacks and see what your kids will cook for you! 

16 – Create a SPA at HOME! 

OH this will be amazing for everyone involved. EVEN Dads love to have their feet rubbed and cleaned. Start with Spa items everyone can enjoy: Foot Soak, Cooling Face Masks (refridgerate washcloths), Cucumbers on eyes, Lotions for all those dry hands from washing, Back Massager, & don’t forget the polish! HAVE a blast & make it tons of fun! 


17 – Movie Marathon

This is an easy boredom buster. We like to pick a Marathon and spread it out over a week. I have compiled a list of some of our favorite movies to watch, enjoy:

18 – Read Stories beside an outdoor FIRE! 

Nothing creates the best memories than being out in nature, or even camping. You may not have the weather to do so now, but building a fire is always fun. It sets the mood & you can pull out the fun stories & read them while sitting around the fire. Even better if you bust out the stories of the kids when they were younger, or stories of parents when they were younger! SO FUN! 

19 – SILLY Photo Shoot

Everyone loves being silly. Combine your silly with some crazy clothes, or a runway, or test your emoji faces & TAKE TONS OF PICTURES! Kids love seeing pictures of themselves being silly. They will love it even more if the whole family does it together. 



You know your gamer kids will love this. If you don’t play videos games…bust out the board games…or even bust out the OLD video games. That’s right introduce them to Mario Brothers. You will have tons of fun & look like the coolest parents as you kick everyone’s butt at playing Super Mario Brothers 3!  

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas. I’ve made a fun BUCKETLIST that your kids can enjoy checking off & creating fun memories. 

Download the Stuck At Home BUCKETLIST HERE


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