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How to: Easter Baskets with WHAT you have at HOME – Stay Home Solutions!

Apr 9, 2020 | Celebrate, Easter | 0 comments

tnm easter baskets.png

During these crazy times, you may not have time to leave the house or the ability to…to run to the store to grab last-minute Easter Basket items. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I bet you have lots of great Easter Basket items right in your pantry or food storage room..or even around the house. 

Maybe you’re like me and you have SOME Easter basket items…but not enough and you also don’t want to give your child TONS of candy….TONS and TONS of it. So I’ve got you covered there too. I bet you have items all-around your house that are perfect for filling an Easter basket! 

While sitting in my food storage room, I realized I have tons of great snacks that will fill an Easter basket. I bet you have lots of great snacks too in your pantry or food storage. 


FOOD STORAGE room ideas: 

  • Snack-size Chips / cracker snack bags

  • Fruit cups

  • Fruit leather / Dried Fruit snack size

  • Granola bars

  • Juice Boxes / Gatorade bottles

  • Cereal – put in cute ziploc bags inside medium easter eggs

  • Rice Krispy Treats / Small Cookie Bags

  • Popcorn bags 

food storage.PNG

NOW if you don’t want to give your kids just food and you want to spice it up a bit I have searched throughout my house to find some amazing things in my stockpile boxes of randomness…and I have created some fun Themed Easter Baskets. 


Art Easter Basket

If you are like me and tend to hoard your school will have plenty of supplies to create this fun Easter Basket! I love love Love buying school & office supplies…I love to stash them because they make great birthday gifts for kids. 

Art Easter Basket ideas: 

  • Box of fresh crayons…AHHH

  • Sketch Pad or nice new notebook

  • New scissors

  • Watercolor paints / acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Colored pencils

  • Cute bright rectangular organizer

  • Pencil bag

  • A CRAFT – this could be simple as finding some river stone rocks that could be painted, sanded piece of wood to paint on, embroidery thread to make friendship bracelets with instructions

This basket might be my favorite, it is bright and fun & just beautiful. Maybe I’ll make this one for me!! 

movie theater2.PNG

Do you have a movie lover? Do they always beg to stay up late and watch a trilogy with you? We are big movie loves in our house. Freak we used to own a video rental store in Hawaii…so we know the love of a good cinematic production! Most of these items you can find in your home, you may need to order some movies on Amazon or your fav fast online store. 

Movie Theater Easter Basket Ideas: 

  • Favorite movie or 2

  • Bag of Popcorn or multiple unpopped popcorn bags

  • Candy treats – I have a bunch of extra candy, even movie theater size, from the Great Pumpkin. 

hair nail spa2.PNG

This is a fun idea I think that lots of teens will love! 

 Easter Basket ideas: 

  • Fingernail polish

  • Lotion or creams

  • Hair care – argan oil, leave-in conditioner, special hair care

  • Scrunchies or Hair Ties

  • Face Scrub 

Look for items you might have bought extra items of: extra hair, nail supplies, etc. 

book lover.PNG

My kids love to read. I love that they love to read, this is a fantastic basket idea you are going to love. 

Book Lovers Easter Basket ideas:

  • Books – order books from Amazon, there are tons of great classic books that any reader would love, young reader classics are awesome…there are so many book options out there. 

  • Journal 

  • Bookmarks

  • Book reader

  • Soft stuffed toy

  • Bookbag or book pillow case

These are just a few fun Easter Basket ideas of things that could be lying around the house. 

Combine these fun ideas to make a specialized Easter Basket for your littles. I love to put together a combination of these ideas. Throw in a fav book, some fingernail polish, snacks from the food storage room and of course some Easter candy. I hope you create an AMAZING Easter basket from what you have laying around your home, you can do this! 



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