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Themed Days

Apr 24, 2020 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 1 comment

I know right about now we are all stir crazy for fun! I find that creating 1-2 days a week that have a special activity helps the kids be patient through the regular days and look forward to something extra and fun. And HEY if you’re up for doing this more than once a week more power to you! Klai, our oldest, had a fun idea that we do a themed day once or twice a week…and this week we chose HAWAII! 

We love Hawaii, we miss Hawaii, so this was perfect for us. Everyone jumped right into the idea & loved participating in these simple fun activities. You can go easy like we did..or you can go in-depth – add some history lessons for school, stretch it over many days and really learn about the culture…do what works for your family! 

This is what we did. 

FIRST – dress. You must dress the part…pretend you are going on a Trip and preparing to really experience this place. I told everyone to grab something Hawaiian and come upstairs. We all have lava lavas, so the girls grabbed those & made a quick skirt or dress. The boys came upstairs giggling their fool heads off…they put on their cute Aloha shirts & even wrapped a blanket around their shorts for their lava lavas…silly boys! 

The Ohana Adventure (2).JPG

The Ohana Adventure (1).JPG

2nd – MUSIC. Ahh yes, to set the mood I love to put on Music. If its a work and clean day – we have upbeat music playing throughout the house. If we are studying hard on our school projects we have Classical music playing. Music is everything. Go to YOUTUBE and find some awesome playlists of your THEME. Lilo & stitch soundtrack is what the kids chose to listen to. 

music - lilo.jpg

3rd – Cultural Activity time. Yep you could really dive into this time and do some history lessons & learn about the school around learning about a new place. 

What did we do…oh YES we did a HULA! I love to Hula, when I hear the beautiful sounds of Hawaiian music I can’t help but dance to it. The kids were good sports and we did a little hula. The younger ones especially love it…I also think the teen secretly like it too..but they will never admit that! 

cultural activity.JPG

4th – FOOD. Food is everything, especially in Hawaii. If you don’t have good food, don’t expect a lot of friends. We busted out Hawaiian Haystacks for Dinner. But there are so many good Hawaiian foods to make all day: Chicken Katsu, macaroni salad, Poke, Kalua Pig, Spam Musubi, Shave Ice, Lau Lau, Lomi Lomi salmon..and more. You could have food for a week! 



5th – Fun Activity – MOVIE NIGHT! Ending our THEMED DAY with a fun movie night really made it special. We had a hard time choosing between Moana & Lilo & Stitch. They chose Moana..we loved it again!. 


If Hawaii is not your destination of choice. Here are a few other options of fun places to TRAVEL TO..and of course explore new places & tell us how it goes. 

Don’t miss the PRINTABLE at the end of how to really have these Themed Days go off without a hitch! 

Here are a few ideas for 2 other TRAVEL locations that would make great THEMED DAYS! 


1- Dress the part. Dress in a fancy dress or cute shirt, add a beret and some cute shoes & maybe you’ve got some french style. 

french style.jpg

2 – Music – Setting the mood couldn’t be easier with some beautiful french music. I like to think of song similar to Ratatouille or La vie en rose…ahhh. 

I found this playlist that is everything I think of when I think of French music:

3 – FOOD – French people are all about the food. French people live to eat. Try cooking some easy recipes like; crepes for breakfast, paninis for lunch & buy some macarons for dessert! 

food macaron.jpg

food panini.png

food crepe.jpg

4 – Landmarks Activity – France is known for their beautiful architecture and iconic buildings. Print out some of your favorite buildings/castles from France and paint, draw or sketch them. 

pic arc de triomphe.png

pic eiffel paint.jpg

5 – FUN Activity – There are so many options for France. 

Castle building – Explore some castles online and then BUILD an EPIC castle out of boxes..yep a CASTLE BOXFORT! 

castle boxfort.jpg


French phrases – Ask google translate to translate some of your everyday phrases…like where is the bathroom or how much is a crepe. And try & learn these fun new phrases…so when you get to go to France next, you are ready to speak to the people! 

Wasn’t France fun?! 


Ahh I have had a love for Greece since I was in High School & learned all about Greek Mythology. Here is how you can have a fun easy GREECE themed day! 

1 – FOOD – it all begins with FOOD on this travel-themed day. Greek food is simple and light and yummy. Begin your day with Greek Salad for lunch, Gyros for dinner & end with some delicious Baklava! 

food greek salad.jpg

food gyro.jpg

food baklava.jpg

2 – History Lesson – This may seem not so fun when you mention it…but it will be a blast. Learning about Greek Mythology. You can read stories online about the Greek Gods, or you can print out pictures and draw the Gods. You can have so much fun with this! 

history book.jpeg

history book 1.jpeg

3 – Activity – turn that history lesson into a fun activity. Olympics started from the Greeks & you can create your own fun Olympic games & activities. 


Or do a LEGO Building Activity – try and build some of the famous historical buildings in Greece out of your favorite building blocks. 

4 – Virtual Tours – Take a tour of the Greek TEmples, Acropolis..tour like you are actually there in Greece! 

Parthenon tour:

Acropolis tour:

5 – Movie! End your fun day off with a movie that highlights the Greek culture. Hercules & Percy Jackson are fantastic movies to watch as a family! 

activity - hercules.jpg

I sure hope you take one of these fun ideas & do a fun THEMED day for your family! 

Take this printable & plan out a fun THEMED day & have fun! Please share this if you loved this post as well as comment what theme you did! 

-see ya next time


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