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Quick and Easy Freezer Jam

Jun 13, 2020 | DIY | 0 comments

Hello ladies, it’s time for the canning season. I got some cherries and a whole lot of strawberries for quick and easy freezer jam. If you are new to canning freezer jam this is the gateway to canning. It is simple and very basic. I learned to make freezer jam first. All you need is some freezer space and you’ve got some really good jam.  I am going to give you all the details about everything you need to make your freezer jam. 

First you need your jam supplies

fresh strawberries#1 Glass jars, rings, and lids.

I use pint jars and find them to be the perfect size for a bottle of jam. You do NOT need to hot sterilize them (boiling them in water). You also do not need to heat up your lids because you are not doing a water bath for freezer jam. As long as they are clean you are good to go. I simply run mine through the dishwater and then they are ready. 

smashing strawberries#2 Pectin.

There are many different types of pectin you can use for your freezer jam. You can use sure gel pectin, freezer pectin, or liquid pectin. Each pectin is prepared differently. So depending on how you want to prepare it will determine which pectin you choose. Sure gel pectin you add water and boil, liquid pectin you just pour it into your freezer jam mixture and the freezer pectin you combine lemon juice. Make sure you follow the instructions because the pectin is what will make you jam solid.

#3 Tools.

You can buy a canning kit that has a jar grabber so you can pick them up when they are hot. You need a funnel. The one in the canning kit fits perfectly on the jar. Next you need a cherry pitter. 

Making the Cherry Freezer Jam with freezer pectin

pitting cherries#1 Prep cherries.

Pick out all the bad cherries and pull off all the stems. Then pit the cherries. When you pit the cherries it is a bit messy and cherries are the darkest of juices so it might stain. Make sure you wear an apron! 

#2 Mix sugar with pectin.

The freezer pectin requires more fruit and less sugar than the Sure Gel pectin. 

#3Mix Fruit and Pectin

Add blended cherries or mashed up fruit you use to the pectin. This pectin is much quicker than the Sure Gel which requires a boiling.

#4 Fill the jars.

Adding the jam mixture to the jars takes the longest out of all the prep steps here. The freezer pectin is quick and easy to use. Here is a simple freezer freezer Jam recipe. You can also usually find a recipe on the pectin package that is specific to the pectin you will be using.

Making Strawberry Freezer Jam with Sure Gel pectin

jam prep#1 Prep strawberries.

To make the strawberry freezer jam I blend up the strawberries to make it smooth. After that I add a little bit of mashed strawberries to give the jam a little added texture. 

#2 Prep pectin.

Add water to the pectin and boil it, cool it for a little bit. While you are boiling the pectin, add the strawberries and sugar together. Then add the pectin to the strawberry mixture.

strawberry jam#3 Mix fruit and pectin.  

Mix the strawberries with the pectin to make your jam. I used 2 cups of strawberries to 4 cups of sugar. Yes, it’s a lot of sugar, but that’s what makes freezer jam so amazing! 

#4 Put jam in jars and freeze. 

The jam should already start getting a gelatin texture. Once it freezes it sets all the way. After that it’s all ready to take out and eat! 

homemade freezer jam

The recipe was doubled and it took me about 3 hours to make it all. So there you have it! If you are looking for more fruit preserving tips check out our instructions for making homemade juice and dried fruits

I would love to hear how your freezer jam turns out!

Until next time, Rach


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