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5 things I wish I KNEW before Starting HOMESCHOOL!

Aug 5, 2020 | Homeschool | 0 comments

Man if I could go back YEARS and YEARS ago to the beginning of our Homeschool journey…there would be a few things I would tell myself. Goodness wouldn’t that be great to get that info?!! Well, here I am sharing my ups and downs and tips I wish I knew before starting homeschool! (Jase and I shared a podcast on all these tips if you want his perspective as well.

#1 BE YOU! 

How cheesy am I? But really, this is the most important TIP! 

I tried homeschooling years ago and I thought I was going to be the BEST 1st-grade teacher, just at home! Yes, I brought the public school system home and tried to make it work. Did it? It kinda did off and on for the first half of our first year…then it began to fall apart. I felt stressed all the time trying to be this teacher…that I wasn’t! So stop right there! BE YOU! 

the bennett family making silly faces

Find your strengths, find what you are good at and GO WITH THAT! I am good at organizing and keeping to a flow. I can do schedules. And while you are at trying to BE YOU…let your kids BE THEM! YES, this is what I am talking about. Find their strengths and really magnify them. Don’t focus on the weaknesses, focus on the good! 

Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

It took me a while to find me and BE ME! But I learned a lot, I learned I LOVED books and curriculum that didn’t need computers. I learned that I love to read to the children and I love ART! I also learned a lot about what CHILDREN love and their passions. What better person to teach your kids than you, someone who loves and adores them and knows their quirks, and is excited to learn about their passions! 

evee feeding horse

#2 Don’t COMPARE 

What’s that quote about comparison? “Comparison is the thief of Joy.” President Theodore Roosevelt

Isn’t that right though?!! Don’t compare yourself to the neighbor down the street, the lady on IG that has it all perfect. GIVE yourself some slack and remember to not get tempted to compare. Keep your head up, YOU GOT THIS! 

Don't compare


When starting out on this new adventure of Homeschooling, it can be overwhelming so TAKE TIME to breathe! TAKE TIME to work on the flow of school. It will take lots of time to figure out how the routine will look like, what will work and what won’t. After a week or two, TAKE TIME to reflect and evaluate if any changes are needed. While you are helping your children find their passions, TAKE TIME to explore with them. 

TAKE TIME to BE YOU! Oh, the list could go on and on…but please give yourself time. There is no deadline to get this done ASAP, no one is standing over your shoulder, give it time. 

take time

#4 You are NOT going to SCREW UP Your KIDS! 

This is a big concern for parents in general, I feel this pressure every day. 

When we started homeschooling I thought this every day. Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves. 

A good friend helped me go over this pressure that haunted me for years. She asked me “What did you learn in High School that you still use today?” I replied with just a few items of grammar, essay writing, and basic math. She explained that after all those classes I took and worried about passing is that all I could remember? I felt stunned but then enlightened. As a mom that owns multiple businesses and has run many in the past, that was all I needed.

Isn’t that incredible? I know other careers require many other experiences and schooling, but for me, that was all I needed. After much discussion, I settled into the thought that I am ok if my kids walk away with just good English skills and basic math. 

That right there helped reprogram my brain. Of course, I want more for my children, but now I don’t feel that pressure that I am going to screw up my kids. NOW I can teach my children what I feel is important in life for what they want to become or be. 

Evee will learn lots more math and biology because she wants to become a marine biologist. 

Klai will learn more about business, speech writing, presentation skills, budgeting because she wants to own her own business. 

So GET OVER IT! You will not screw up your kids. Now that that is out of your mind, think of what skills/values you WILL teach them. 

you won't screw your kids up

#5 Commit

Here it is, it’s time to put on the teacher pants and commit. Commit to a year. Commit to working through the kinks. Commit to not throwing in the towel. BUT also remember that each year you can re-evaluate each kid and see what is best for them and for your family. Some days will be hard, some weeks will be harder, and then you’ll have some days that are PURE JOY and very fulfilling. Those are the days we work for. So what are you committing to? 

What are your homeschool struggles? What tips can you share from your experiences? Comment below and let’s start a conversation, I’d love to hear from you. 

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