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Super Simple Party Planning

Aug 13, 2020 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 0 comments

My beautiful baby has turned 8 this year. We put together a friend’s birthday party to celebrate. We have a fun tradition where every even year we do a friends party and every odd year we have a family party. Every 4 years we celebrate with a BIG party, where we go all out. Our kids can invite whoever they want. But this year is a little different because of coronavirus, so  we kept the guest list a little smaller. Afterwards I felt that the party was a success and everyone had so much fun! So what I want to share with you today is to make your next party a success. I have some party tips that I think will help. 

Party tip #1 Theme. 

I like to go over my kids favorite things or movies they like to help come up with a theme if I don’t have one already. So for Cora’s party we went with a rainbow theme which goes along with her favorite candy which is skittles. After you pick your party theme the activities, food, and decorations can all get planned around your theme. For older children they may not want a themed party, so what I do is use their favorites, like favorite food to determine what they want at the party. 

Party Tip #2 Activities. 

Pin the tail on the donkey is a traditional game at kids birthday parties. We just interpreted it to fit our theme and changed it to pin the cloud on the rainbow. This is a fun and easy activity. The next activity we picked is twister. Twister is a fun party game! The next planning tip is keep in mind the season or weather. It’s hot right now so we had the pool open for swimming. We bought some big bouncy balls from walmart for like $2 and put them in the pool to make it look like skittles. The tip here is to plan your activities around your theme, that way it is much easier to think of activities. 

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (5).JPG

Party Tip #3 Decor. 

I like to choose one area in our house and decorate it. For this party we choose the dining room area. We bought streamers and hung them up to make a rainbow look. You can buy streamers at Walmart or any dollar store. We hung the pin the cloud on the rainbow on the wall, and it served as a game and part of the party decor. I let the kids do a lot of the prep and decorating, especially if they are eight years or older. They have fun putting up the decorations and I am teaching them how to plan parties. 

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (3).JPG

Party Tip #4 Invite Friends.

We kept our friends list small this year because of Covid,but with her siblings there as well it turned out to be a good size party. We invited friends the day before because this party was short notice. But if you plan a party in advance and want to do a more personal invite consider making individual invitations for each guest and hand delivering or sending them through the mail. This is a fun option when you have more time and is a great reminder for guests!

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (6).JPG

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (1).JPG

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (7).JPG

Party Tip #5 Party Favor

You do not have to always give away a party favor, especially if you do something like a pinata or if you have a lot of food, cake and ice-cream. These treats can work as the party favor. What we did this year for Cora’s party was something simple. We took Cora’s favorite candy (Sour Skittles) and divided them in little ziploc bags with a thank you note banner at the top. 

Party Tip #6 Food.

If your party runs close to a meal you should have a meal size menu or some kind of snack for your guests. This might just be a Hawwain way to always have good food. I like to look on pinterest for ideas. One I found is fruit and veggie skewers that are the colors of the rainbow. We also did colorful punch and different colors of other snacks and candy. 

Party Tips - TheOhanaAdvenutre (2).JPG

Party Tip #7 Party Prep.

We got up early and decorated the planned out area (our dining room) with the decor we bought. Then we put out all the platters of rainbow foods on the decorated table. Everyone came together and helped decorate. The rainbow food platters served at both food and decorations. We also did a candy bar with rainbow candy and included Cora’s favorite candy, which is the sour skittles. 

You can download your free copy of our party planner and print off for your next party you plan. 

Thanks for listening, I hope these party tips are helpful for your next party. Please share your own party tips in the comments down below. I would love to hear what works for you. 



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