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Teen Perspective: Homeschool vs Public School

Aug 17, 2020 | Homeschool | 0 comments

Some of you know that I am homeschooled. I enjoy doing homeschool a lot more than public school. I used to go to public school for a while before my parents decided that public school wasn’t right for us. It wasn’t right for me because at public school, kids would follow me around, or they would wait at a locker near mine to ask me if I was a youtuber. That tipped the scale, so we started homeschooling.

rykel 7th grade

Rykel in 7th grade Public School

Earlier today I was thinking of the many differences between homeschool and public school. So I wanted to show you the differences and similarities of public school and homeschool from a High Schoolers perspective. 

In homeschool I have about 7 subjects. I have the main things like math, science, language arts, and seminary. But I also have my business book, and an essay every week. If I wake up at 7:30 to make my bed, brush my teeth, read scriptures, and get dressed it will probably be 8-8:15. Then I come upstairs to eat breakfast. After breakfast I would brush my teeth again and then start my school. It normally will take me about 2-3 hours depending on my subjects to get all of my school finished.

rykel sweeping

Doing Chores

By the time lunch came around I had already finished school. After I finished lunch I would then start on my chores. For chores we each have a section of the house. This week I had the living room. So after lunch I started my living room and entrance  job. It would take me about 1 hour to clean it. After my chore was done I had free time.

When I was in public school I had about 6.28 hours of school. And about 7 subjects each day depending on what I chose that year. At school I had quite a bit of friends and I socialized a lot in between classes, during classes, and during lunch. There were also many school activities and clubs I could join and participate in. When I got home I had maybe an average of 1-2 hours of homework to do per subject. I did not have a lot of freetime because I would have homework and an upcoming test in one of my classes that I had to study for. 

rykel studying

Rykel studying

A lot of good things come from being homeschooled like having a lot of free time to do what I want. I miss a few things that being in public school gave me, like socializing with friends more and making new friends.

One of the pros to being homeschooled is that I have more freetime and more time to hang out. The con to that is all the other kids in the neighborhood are in public school so they wouldn’t get out for another 2 or 3 hours. A pro for being in public school is that you get to socialize during school and hang out with your friends there. A con for that is you don’t have a lot of time to hang out with friends after school. A lot of the differences between being public school and homeschooled is socializing. Lots of high schoolers like to socialize and go to fun school activities like dances, and sports. Being in public school you get to socialize a lot more than you would say you were homeschooled. But being homeschooled you have more time to do what you want. 

Rykel & Evee hiking

Hiking for a Homeschool Activity

There are many good things about being homeschooled, but also many good things about being in public school. It is up to you about how you feel with public school and homeschool. I just prefer being in homeschool more. 

What do you enjoy about your school? 

— Rykel — 

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