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Tips and Travel Hacks for RV and Camping

Aug 20, 2020 | Travel, Travel Tips | 0 comments

Traveling can get a little crazy. We all know a little bit of consistency can go a long way! Here are 10 TIPS and RV Hacks that will make your next trip even better! Let’s go!

#1 – Bring ONE Small School Item.

That’s right, there is no harm in having your kids do a little school while on vacation. It actually helps them have a little more balance, and keeps their brain going. Let your kids choose what they want to bring, and it doesn’t have to be anything big. A simple workbook or reader will suffice.

RV camping

#2 – Download VIDEOS for Later.

It’s so simple and will make those tired days easier! Download your kids favorite movies from Nextlix or Disney plus onto an I-Pad, and then watch them ANYWHERE! We love this option because it gives the kids a fun mixup in what they do while traveling. 

Klai Headstand

#3 – Create a Daily Chore List. 

In an RV the space is small and cramped. I like RV hacks to help it feel tidy and clean. We like to have everyone keep their things in their own space. We also create a daily chore list. Yep that’s right, chores are required! The kids choose what chores they want to do and everyone is happier because the small space is clean.

#5 – Point out the GOOD your kids are doing. 

I sometimes forget to point out the good my kids are doing. I like to use my points system to help me remember to praise them. We have a point system at home for things like chores etc. But while traveling we do points instead for  things like: being happy, helpful, grateful, and having a positive attitude. It helps everyone have a good time! We go on a hike. I use this system to motivate my little ones when they get tired.

the ohana adventure family hike

#6 – Convert Points into Dollars. 

We convert the points into dollars that the kids can spend. 10 points = $1. On vacation we give the kids a little more money to spend, where at home we might not pay them a dollar to sweep the floor. Try it! There are SO MANY WAYS you can give points to your kids…do what works for you!  Kids love deciding what special thing they want to buy with their money. 

#7 – Teach kids responsibility with their money. 

You can teach your kids responsibility with their money by letting them buy something with the money they have earned. We all know that when the money is coming out of mom and dads pocket kids are a little greedy and might say “I want this, and this, and this, and this…” But when it is their money, and they earned it, then they are more careful with how they spend it

Tourist shop

#8 – Buy Healthy, Easy to Prep Meals.

We ate LIKE KINGS in our RV! 

I like to have a quick and easy dinner while we are on the road. You can look for healthy precooked meals to make dinner easier. Tasty bite is a great brand for microwavable rice, it has lots of yummy flavors. It might be a little more expensive… but an easy meal like this can taste as good as dinner at home! 


#9 Use trash Bags for Table Coverings.

A easy way to have a clean picnic table is to cut up a trash bag and use it for a table covering or on the benches. Two trash bags that are cut in half are the perfect fit for a picnic table. This is great if a picnic table is wet or dirty! Trash bags and regular cleaning supplies are a necessity on all our camping trips.

posing as a polar bear

#10 Make Luggage Piles for Each Person

It’s time to leave…are you forgetting things? Not anymore! I have a tried tip that works! 

Just before you go… take everything out of the tent, RV, or wherever you are staying and put it into a different zone. Have each kid empty their areas and take out anything that does not belong. I always do a wipe down to make sure everything is clean and  empty. This saves me the trouble of forgetting/losing things.

Someone will inevitably forget something, ALWAYS do a walk through before you go

RV camping!

If you have more camping hacks and tips, please share. 

I hope these tips make your next trip easier! 

-until next time – RACH


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