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How to Make Boys Puberty Kit

Sep 4, 2020 | Family Life, Parenting | 4 comments

After making period kits with my girls I decided it was time to take the boys shopping for their boys puberty kit. It’s not common to see these around, but it is very necessary. Make sure you download the free printable at the end of this blog for a shopping list of the essential items they need. Mom and dad’s I highly recommend that you go shopping with your kids to get what they need, and teach them how to use it. So let’s get started with what to buy!

1# Deodorant for puberty kit.

Puberty makes you kids grow and it also makes them smell. I prefer my boys start with a lighter smell and not go right into the cologne deodorant smell. Arm and hammer is really good and they have some natural scents and regular fresh scents. Degree has an ok scent that is not too strong. But Axe is a stronger smelling scent if you are looking for that. I like to start by buying the travel size deodorants for my kids for them to test out which one they like. 

#2 Razors.

We get a razor ahead of time so when they start growing hair on their face they have what they need. This is where it’s great to have dads teach their boys how to shave. It is great to have someone teach the kids how to shave right so they don’t always get those painful cuts and nicks.

#3 Body Wash.

My son has body wash, but I personally prefer bar soap. I know that for Jase some body washes actually clean your body because they have so much perfume and not very much soap in them. So you have to be careful when you’re buying body wash to make sure you have the right kind of soap that doesn’t make them stink. Our family favorite is lever 2000. We have used this honestly for like 15 years and it works wonderfully. So make sure you find something that works for your kid. It’s also good to have a good scrubby to exfoliate the skin. I like the hand scrubby that is a glove you can put on. 

#4 Athlete’s Foot Powder.

You can buy a small travel size to see if it works for them. We like Gold Bond foot powder. I think it works well. But try out what works for them. This is especially great for kids who do sports and have shoes on a lot. It helps keep their feet less sweaty so they don’t get athlete’s foot, which is a foot fungus that they don’t want. 

Wyatt with puberty kit#5 Shampoo and Conditioner.

I always like to have something on hand like head and shoulders that helps keep dandruff away. I like this especially for men and boys. This is especially good if they have an oily scalp and get dandruff. I love that a lot of the regular shampoo brands have a men brand. Because men don’t need things like volume with their hair all the time. They also don’t like the girly fragrancy smells. Also, here are a few more ideas for when you buy shampoo.

#6 Face Wash.

Clean and clear is a good face wash we like. I got two for my boys, one for their bathroom and one that is travel size to go in their travel kit. It’s good to have a face wash that works well so that their face is not always oily and it helps with the acne. Another good face wash we like is clean and clear for increased oil. There are lots of different brands and your kids will have to test out what they like. But you don’t need anything super fancy or too abrasive (if they don’t have much acne). Mom’s a good tip is to show your boys how to use face wash. That way they only get what they need and don’t put it like hand soap.

#7 Face Lotion for boys puberty kit.

If you don’t moisturize after washing your face it actually will overproduce oil. So make sure you help your boys pick out a good moisturizer for their face to keep it clear and healthy. We live in a very dry environment so this really helps keep our skin moisturized.

I hope this helps you when you’re shopping with your preteens and teenagers. Don’t forget to download the free printable to make your shopping trip quick and easy. 

Share your comments on what essentials you include that I may not have mentioned. I would love to hear your thoughts!


How to Puberty Kits


  1. liam

    Hi Ohanna adventure I love your video i will try this can I have a shout out

  2. Siyabonga Nyathi

    Hi ohana adventure I love your videos and I’m gonna try your puberty kit I’ll tell y’all if it works I am from South Africa and please give me a shout out

  3. BrendaM

    OMG, im ur biggest fan. I have subscribed to ur channel and I hope to meet u one day:)

    • BrendaM

      OMG, im ur biggest fan. I have subscribed to ur channel and I hope to meet u one day:) From Kenya BTW.


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