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HomeSchool Routine with 6 kids

Sep 18, 2020 | Homeschool | 0 comments

Today, I will be sharing what a typical day of homeschooling Routine with 6 kids looks like for our family. I know that many of you are new to homeschooling and may be feeling overwhelmed with how to homeschool. I hope that today’s post will help you realize just how simple and great it can be.


We begin every day with morning pow-wow. During this meeting, we discuss expectations, set goals for what time we need to finish, and anything else that might need to addressed for the day. Pow-wows can happen at any time during the day. We sometimes do the pow-wows before a big meeting or activity. This is an opportunity to discuss, chat and communicate what the day looks like or what you’re expecting to happen. 

Field Trip

Field Trip Hike

Field Trips 

About once a week, we like to get out of the house to take a break. We go on a hike, go to the library, play outside, visit a museum, etc. The idea here is to get a break and get out of the house. Again this can be as simple as going to the park and playing a family game. 

Independent Work

Klai Studying

Independent Study

Each of the kids has a daily schedule of which lessons need to be completed. They write each of these lessons down in their planners so they can remember what needs to be done every day. They start with independent work, which they can do with little to no help from mom. During this time, I’m able to get some work done or sneak out to get a workout in. 

Lessons with Mom

When they finish their independent work, I take time to make rounds and help them with their lessons. The younger kids need the most help, so I start with their lessons, and then after that, I follow up with the older kids (who are great at getting most of their school done on their own) and make sure they finish or get any help that they need.

Evee lesson

Doing School

After lunch, we gather for a history lesson. We use The Good and the Beautiful curriculum for our history lessons. I love their curriculum because they provide PDFs  I can print out at different levels for each of my kids. This allows me to teach the same lesson to all six kids but challenges them at the appropriate grade levels with the follow-up work.

History lesson

Group History Lesson

Ending the Day

School can finish at any time during the day. Some children finish their school tasks early on, some finish later in the day. When all the school work is done, the children are free to go and play, create fun videos, or work on their home responsibilities. 

Our favorite thing about homeschooling is that by the time our kids’ friends get out of school, ours are all done with their school plus their businesses and chores, so they are free to play. 

That’s it for our school day. I want to note that while this is a typical flow of our day, it’s important to be flexible. Some days our days go just as I outlined above. Others days can be more chaotic and be quite difficult, but being flexible helps to create an environment of love and balance.  I invite you to allow the same flexibility in your own routines. I hope that this post is helpful to you in creating your homeschool routine. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @rachbennett and @thenowmom for more tips.

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– Rach


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