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15 Easy Fall Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Sep 30, 2020 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 0 comments

It’s time to decorate for fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year! An easy way to decorate is using some homemade fall crafts! I have gathered 15 easy fall crafts for kids to share with you. We tried 3 crafts and the kids had so much fun doing them!

DIY 15 FALL Crafts video

Fall Craft #1 Rock Painting

rock fall craftThis craft is really simple and fun! Some ideas for painting on the rocks are fall leaves, pumpkins, or whatever your kids would like to paint. It can get a little messy with the paint so make sure you have space to paint.  Before you paint the rocks make sure to wash off and dry them. This helps the paint stick.

Supplies you will need:

  • Rocks: round or oblong, from the garden
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • paper plates or something to paint on,
  • large surface area to paint
  • water
  • paper towel

fall rock painting

rock painting craft

Fall Craft #2 Leaf Paint Mural

leaf mural craftTo make this fall craft you will need to gather a bunch of leaves. Then you paint the leaves with a fall color of your choice. Next you press the leaf onto the card stock paper to make a leaf print. Do this with a few different leaves to make a mural. We used different types of leaves and different fall colors to paint them. Just remember this does get a little messy because kids will be touching the painted leaves.

fall craftSupplies you will need:

  • leaves, all different shapes and sizes
  • card stock, fall colors
  • paint brushes
  • different paint colors
  • water
  • paper towels
  • paper plates

fall bannerFall Craft #3 Fall Pendent Banner

The fall pendent banner is easy to make and a great decoration to hang in the house! To make the banner you first trace and cut out the triangles from the foam sheets. Next hole punch two holes into the triangle. Once your triangles are all cut out write your fall saying ie. Autumn, Fall, Happy Fall etc.. Next thread the string through all the triangles and hang it up!

Supplies you will need:

  • foam sheets, colors of your choice (we picked red, yellow and orange for fall)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string
  • Permanent Marker

Edible Fall Crafts!

fall treatRice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

from one little project at a time 

This is a tasty treat that your kids will love! It’s so simple to make. Make sure you have vegetable oil handy to rub on your hands so it’s no sticky while you make them.

fall treatPumpkin Inspired Deviled Eggs

from Tadka Pasta 
These tasty deviled eggs are perfect for a fall party or an afternoon snack! Similar to regular deviled eggs with a couple added ingredients: paprika and green onion to make the pumpkin look.

fall candy bowlEdible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups

from Oh Nuts! 

This is a fun fall craft and tasty treat for when you’re getting closer to Halloween. Your kids will love making and eating these chocolate pumpkin cups of candy. I may be a more difficult craft for little kids, so plan to supervise and help depending on the age of your children.

Other Fall Craft Ideas!

fall garlandEasy fall garland

from A Beautiful Mess 

This is a garland and even has cutouts for you to use. You will need a few items like string, scissors, cheesecloth and styrofoam balls depending on which garland you choose to make. There’s fall leaves, ghosts and more!

pumpkin fall craft3D Paper Pumpkins

from Look What Mom Found… and Dad Too!
These 3D Paper Pumpkins only need three supples! card stock or heavy paper, Elmers glue and a pencil.

placemat craftLeaf Printable Placements

from Art Bar 

Do you need new placemats for you dining room table? Here’s a placemat printable for easy coloring that your kids will love. All you need is the printable, markers and laminator (or take it to a print shop and they will laminate for you)

fall window decorFall Leaf Sun-catchers

from Fun At Home With Kids

This a perfect fall craft to decorate your windows for fall. You kids will love making them! You will need just a few things: liquid water colors, scissors, and coffee filters.

paper craftsEasy Paper Apple Craft

from FireFlies + Mud Pies

If your kids like 3D art this will enjoy this craft making 3D apples. This can also serve as a fun center piece on your table or fall decor throughout the house.

fall leaf paintingHand Painted Leaves

from handmade Charlotte

This is a simple craft where you can paint a design on the leaves. It could be Turning them into birds, fishes or anything you would like

fall craftCrayon Resist Leaf Rubbings

from Childhood 101

If your kids like to paint or color they will enjoy this easy craft. You will need a few different leaves to place under your paper to draw over. It creates a pretty leaf impression onto the paper.

corn doll craftCorn Husk Doll

from One Mommy

Corn husk dolls can be a big hit for those girls who like to create their unique doll. This fun way to get creative! Making their own doll will teach them a little about the kids of toys once played with in early history.

apple craftEasy Paper Plate Apple Core Craft

from 123 Homeschool for Me

This fall craft is great for small kids learning how to use their fine motor skills. you will need some construction paper of fall colors, scissors, glue and paper plates. That’s it! It’s fun and super simple.

I hope you and your kids find some fun crafts to do this fall! We sure are enjoying decorating our home with the recent crafts we have done together. I would love to hear which craft you will do and how it turns out!

Try these fun DIY projects:

Pumpkins to Cookies

Fall Harvest Jams


15 easy fall crafts the Ohana adventure

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids Creative Crafts for All Ages Fun Fall Crafts


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