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25 Fun Halloween Family Costume Ideas

Oct 1, 2020 | Celebrate, Halloween | 0 comments

We love fun costumes for Halloween! Over the years we have done many different costume themes. I especially like the costumes that involve the whole family. Here are 25 family costume ideas for this Halloween, some of these costumes we have used in past years, and others are ones I really like but haven’t tried yet.

#1 The Incredibles!

The Incredibles is a great costume idea for a family with lots of children because there are so many fun characters to dress up as. What this video of us getting ready and see our full costume outfits at the end!

#2 Disney Villains

If you are going for a villain costume choosing a few of the Disney villains is an easy way to get a costume that will fit for each member of your family. Some of the ones we went with are Cruella DeVille, Ursula and Jafar.

Disney Villians

#3 Toy Story 2

Toy Story is sure to be a family costume hit when it comes to dressing up for Halloween! There are so many fun costumes to choose from. We liked using Jessie the Cowgirl, Little Bo Peep and Rex for some of our costumes.

Toy Story 2

#4 XMen

This one was a family costume we put together years ago. Some characters we chose were Jase dressing as the Wolverine, Wyatt as Beast, and Evee as Baby Mystique.


#5 Despicable Me

This Family costume never goes out of style! Some people couldn’t tell who we were unless the whole crew was together. But it was super easy to put together these costumes.


#6 Wreck-It Ralph

These costumes were easy to make and we all enjoyed our characters. Checkout the Wreck-It Ralph costumes to use. There are so many good ones from this movie to choose from!

Wreck it ralph

More Family Costume Ideas!

#7 Bank Robbers

This family costume is super easy. Just get matching black and white outfits and old burlap bags for the money and your all set!

#8 DIY Robot Family Costume

If you are going homemade this Robot Family costume from the blog Tell Love and Party, is an idea for you. It might take a bit longer to put together but will be unique and worth it!

Robot Family Costumes

#9 DIY Sport League Family

Pick your families favorite sport and then matching outfits to create your own family league! You can customize matching jerseys or hats with your family league logo.

#10 Baby Shark Family

With the baby shark song going around this outfit is sure to turn some heads. It’s so cute when you have a little baby to dress up as the baby shark!

#11 Circus Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacks and candy during Halloween! What about taking those treats and turning them into costumes!

#12 Family of Clowns

The classic family clowns costume takes some work but it worth it. If you are an artist or like to paint then you might really enjoy the face painting that can go into these costumes!

Robot Family Costumes

#13 DIY Retro Space Costume

Want to make your own family costume this year. The Retro Space costumes is an exciting option if you like spray painting!

#14 Disneyland Tourists

If you can’t go to Disneyland that does not mean you cannot bring Disneyland to you. Disneyland tourists is an easy family costume idea that keeps you in comfortable clothes.

#15 Gardeners

You can likely find all the materials you need for these simple costumes from your own closet. Have a family of gardeners and to make things more fun, a few kids could dress up as fruits or vegetables from the garden!

#16 Peter Pan

Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. All these characters can create a cute family costume! If you have more children don’t worry, there are plenty more perfect characters to choose.

#17 Mary Poppins

The long time favorite will still be a hit! Mary Poppins, Burt, from In Honor of Design blog, and the Banks family are sure to have a costume you will like.

Mary Poppins and Pipe cleaners

#18 A Futuristic Family

If you are into space and the future, try these fun futuristic costumes ideas for your family! This is a DIY costume so be ready to put it the pieces together.

#19 “Star Wars”

There are so many great characters to choose from and the costumes are really simple for most! Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are some easy characters to dress up as.

#20 DIY Family Weather

Bring the forecast with you with a little chance of rain, and rainbows from Studio DIY blog. This is a fun DIY costume idea with a lot of painting!

Family weather

#21 Superhero Family

Be your own superhero family rather than picking a superhero from the comics. This is a creative family costume idea where you can add your own flair to it.

#22 Family of Ewoks

If you are into Starwars this costume is for you. A family of Ewoks will turn out so cute for your Halloween costumes this year.

#23 Winnie The Pooh

Back to the 100-acre woods and Winnie The Pooh. These costumes can be put together quickly and make for a fun family costume theme for Halloween.

#24 S’mores Costume

A family of 4 can easily be turned into a family of S’mores with this simple costume idea! Take two graham crackers, one Hershey’s Bar, and a baby marshmallow, and your all set!

#25 The Wizard of OZ

Dorthy, the tin man, and the Lion from Life As a Griffin, can make a cute family costume. If you need more characters you could have someone dressing up as the good witch or a tornado.

Wizard of OZ family costume

Hopefully, these costume ideas give you a head start on deciding which costume you want to do with your family this year. I would love to hear in the comments what you decide and how it turns out! Stay tuned for our next Halloween costumes!


25 creative halloween costume ideas Fun Family Costume Ideas Easy and Fun Family Halloween Costumes


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