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Easy Halloween Party Planning TIPS

Oct 27, 2020 | Celebrate, Halloween | 0 comments

Halloween Party Planning and prep, oh my!  Oh wait, not just one Halloween party, but TWO Halloween Parties going on in this house today!!  One thing about our party planning is that its not just a one man show!  We like to make it a family event, that way the kids can learn how to do prep, but they also can be creative and be involved with their own parties as well.  Then its not only party prep, but a learning experience as well.  Sometimes we even add in some lessons that are relevant with the theme or Holiday.

First,  we like to use our Party Printable. You may have noticed it from Cora’s SIMPLE Birthday Party.  It really helps to organize our thoughts and put it all down in one place to start the prep that comes next.

The OHana adventure party planner

PARTY PLANNING SPOT or ROOM- we find its always super helpful to have a “party planning” spot or room.  Sometimes theres a lot, so its ok, to be ok with a spot or room that can be crazy with party planning everything. Then the rest of the house like the kitchen or office get taken over.

Don’t forget to download our FREE BirthdayPartyPlan Printable, You will love it!


  • “mugshot wall”  I use it all the time and we love it.  You take a white sheet, place blue tape across, and then spray paint your lines, get the number stencils from the store and spray paint those on as well (or you can free hand it if you’d prefer).  don’t worry, its suppose to look dirty and not perfect, so have fun with it, last I did a little “blood stain” you could add brown for dirt, or get a brush and do some “red splatters” as well if you want it more creepy.
  • Balloons- so easy and versatile, choose the colors and there are so many different things you can do.  This time we did a Balloon arch in the entry way.
  • Streamers- so easy and versatile as well just however you want it.
  • Spider & spider webs- they can be so cheap and easy and reusable, which is one of our favorites.


  • Witch fingers- pretzel sticks, dipped into melted green chocolate, almond as the finger nail with black icing on it.
  • worms in dirt- pudding with a worm and crumbled Oreos on top.
  • mummy dogs- hot dogs & pillsbury crescent dough sheets.-  cut the dough sheets into long strips and wrap our dogs up in the dough. and then bake in over for 10 minutes and voila they’re ready.
  • caramel apple bar-  apples, caramel. then all the toppings you want, we do crushed graham crackers, coconut flakes, heath bits, chocolate chips
  • crackers & cheese platter.

GAMES & ACTIVITIES-  there are so many different fun Halloween party ideas you can do and our list could go on and on.  We also found that the Pioneer Woman has lots of ideas too, click HERE.

  • pumpkin bean bag toss
  • ghost buster cups and nerf guns
  • Spider walk- tape and a fun spiderweb design
  • witch hat toss- whatever candy they make in, they get to keep
  • movie time- choose any favorite movie that is appropriate for that age group.

We always love Halloween and we love coming up with Halloween party planning ideas and tips.  They really are fun and you can make them your own and to a specific age group.  Hope you have a wonderful and fun Halloween!  Share with us what you’ve done and your fun ideas that you’ve come up with!

Mahalo, Rach

Easy Halloween Party Planning for Kids     How to Halloween Party Planning


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