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Fun Service Projects Your Family Will Love

Nov 2, 2020 | Family Life | 1 comment

I have put together a list of … service projects that you can do with your family this year while trying to social distance and stay safe! This is the perfect time to be giving when so many people are feeling, lonely, and cooped up in their homes. Thanks to technology some of these ideas don’t even require leaving the comfort of your home!

Service projects you can do home

1. Video conference someone. I love this idea because it requires little planning ahead of time and I don’t have to go out to do it. A service project like this can easily be added into my busy day.

2. Write cards to soldiers. The service men and women who are far from home will be happy to get a sweet note reminding them how grateful we are that they are serving our country.

3. Write notes/letters to friends you miss. Service projects like this are simple because you just take a moment to write someone a short note. If your not into writing a letter, just take two minutes and send a thoughtful text to a family member or friend. I like adding my favorite quotes or an uplifting thought, because it always brightens my day when to get an uplifting message.

writing letter

Make it and take it service projects

4. Cook a treat for someone. No bake cookies are also a simple option if you are not into baking. They are super easy and everyone loves them. Or if you are feeling really ambitious try making some spiced pear jam and bring a jar to a neighbor. To make this really fun for you kids you could leave it on their steps and do a door bell dash!

Rykel baking treats

5. Heart attack someones door. You don’t even have to make social contact for this cute idea, but it is sure to bring many smiles to the people behind the door you choose to heart attack! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, cut out paper hearts will do, and if you want write a note I’m sure they would love that too!

6. Deliver small treats to someone. You could take a yummy treat to your family, friends, neighbors, or bring something to work to share. You could also pick up a tasty treat that is prepackaged from the store while your there, no baking necessary.

7. Make Birthday Boxes for Food Pantry. This is a simple way to send a birthday gift to someone in need. First, make up the box with a cake mix, candles and a gift or two. Afterwards take the box to the food pantry for someone who has a birthday. If you want more service project ideas like these check these other ones out! 

Service projects that will get you outside

8. Go do some gardening for some one. In the fall there is a lot of harvesting to be done with gardens. I am sure some neighbors would love an extra hand with harvesting all their food and prepping their garden for winter.

cora helping in the garden

9. Clean up trash/sanitize a common area/park. We all love having clean parks and recreational facilities. Simply take an extra grocery bag or two to pick up any garbage you see laying around.

10. Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor. Where we live the weather is just starting to get cool in the mornings. In many other parts of the country/world the leaves are turning colors and falling from trees. You could rake leaves, or  do some other simple yard clean up. This makes a huge difference for elderly friends neighbors who need an extra hand.

I would love hearing which service project your do and how it turns out!


Simple and Easy Family Service Projects Fun and Easy Service Projects for the Family

1 Comment

  1. Corey Kompch

    Love your youtube channel and like your your family and am your biggest fan of all time.


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