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Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks

Nov 5, 2020 | celebrate | 0 comments

Now Moms! With the holidays coming soon I wanted to share some Holiday Shopping tips and tricks to help you up your holiday shopping game. I love a good deal and even better I love walking away from a shopping haul knowing I saved myself some dolla dolla bills y’all. Keep reading below for my Holiday Shopping tips and tricks.

Holiday Shopping Tips + Tricks

1. Gather Holiday Wish Lists

Know what you need to shop for before you go shopping, no brainer right? Often times, me included, I forget to know what I am shopping for. Gathering family members’ wish lists ahead of time will help you pin down what you are looking for and ultimately save you time and money.

2. Holiday Shopping | Budget

Once you know what you are looking for, decide what your spending limit will be. Once that limit is decided stay committed to that limit and be creative. You’ll be surprised what you can do with what you have when you are committed to a plan.

3. Collect Store Holiday Deals Info and Offers

In the mail look for holiday mailers and discount offers and coupons. Discount department stores and your favorite stores will likely be sending coupon post cards and store holiday catalogs and shopping guides that will help you to know what deals will be out there. Study these. Save coupon codes and be aware of any expiration dates and important offer details.

Holiday Shopping Strategies Store Mailers

4. Signup for Discounts and Coupons From Your Favorite Stores

If you haven’t already, now is the time to signup for deal alerts via text, email, or mail.  Stores know it is the season of shopping so they will compete for your dollar by sending you deal info, coupons and offers, so take advantage. The more you are aware of what deals are out there, the more you can take advantage of savings.

5. Holiday Shopping | Rakuten

Ladies, Rakuten will pay you to shop. Yes, you heard that right. *Enters the Hallelujah Chorus* So if you haven’t already signed up for an account now is a great time. If you shop your favorite stores through their app you can get anywhere from 1% to 13% cash back for your purchases. Not bad, right? And get this, they’ll pay you immediate cash back just for signing up! You can sign up HERE.

Holiday Shopping Strategies with Rakuten

6. Holiday Shopping | Store Credit Cards

Only sign up for this if it makes sense to do so. Most department stores or retail stores will offer an extra 30% your purchase when you sign up for their store credit card. These savings can be awesome if stacked onto clearance deals, coupon codes, and other offers. Just remember to pay off the card as soon as you can with your budgeted holiday funds. That way you will avoid that astronomical interest rates (usually 25% APR!) that come with store cards.

7. Holiday Shopping | Shop From Home

If you can avoid the crowds take advantage of FREE shipping offers and shop from home. If some of your deals are in-store only, brave the mayhem and do what you gotta do *validating nod and fist bump*. But if not, shop from your bed in your PJs like me! Haha!

8. Holiday Shopping | Shop Months (Even a Year) In Advance

Last but not least, if you can, and if you know what you will be looking for ahead of time, this can be one of the best tips to avoid the stress of holiday shopping. The biggest trick to this is to do it at the very end of the season slash beginning of the next.


Because kids grow like weeds and clothes shopping can get pricey in light of this, I like to shop for a size bigger in the off-season. This means I shop for winter clothes and shoes the beginning of Spring (e.g. in around March), summer gear in Fall (e.g. end of August, beginning of September) and so forth.

If done well, you can get clothes, shoes, and gear up to 80% and 90% off!!  I’ve saved myself hundreds of dollars shopping this way.

I save these clothes in bins and gift them to my kids for their birthdays and Christmas months later. And if my kids start growing extra fast and they are running out of clothes, I can pull out those bins and have brand new (but heavily discounted baby!) clothes to supplement their wardrobe.


Same holds true for toys. Sometimes the best deals come after the holidays. I’ve even heard of families celebrating Christmas in January because they do all their shopping during the AFTER HOLIDAY clearance sales! Kudos to them.

If you are watchful throughout the year, you might find deep discounted children’s toys in Spring, Summer and even Fall. And make sure you have a good way to hide these toys, or they might get opened by treasure-hunting littles, before they could ever be wrapped.

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. Haha.

What are some of your holiday shopping strategies? Do you like to brave the crowds? Comment below!

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      Tips and Tricks to Holiday Shopping


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