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The Mommy Store for Chores and Rewards

Nov 5, 2020 | Parenting | 0 comments


As you might have seen on other blogs or multiple videos we’ve done, we have something called THE MOMMY STORE.  Along with Homeschooling, and just the kids contributing to household chores and things, we feel that it’s good for them to earn what they get, rather than just getting what they want.  So the Mommy Store has multiple purposes, it teaches them work ethic, they learn monetary exchange, & savings.


We don’t pay with cash for chores, and they don’t have allowances.  Chores are apart of taking care of the home that we are all apart of.  But we do “pay” in a point system for EXTRA chores.  Normal every day chores are first priority, like making your bed and cleaning up everyday messes. Then they can earn points by doing the extra chores.


this is a list of things where they can earn points, these are the chores where no one really makes the mess, but its things that need to get done;


We like to encourage our kids to help others, No we don’t want them to always expect a reward for it, but as they get older, hopefully this will instill in them a way to help them see where they can help others more naturally.  So starting out if we see them helping where they weren’t asked to help, we will give them extra service points.

  • Help someone else with their chores
  • positive attitude
  • being proactive
  • doing a good deed

POINT TRACKER for Mommy Store-

For us it has really helping keeping track of points on a dry erase board where it can easily be changed multiple times a day.


sometimes I will use prepackaged items, like the left over halloween candy! if you haven’t seen that video or post yet, go HERE for those ideas


  • bag candy
  • toys
  • trinkets
  • random snacks
  • books
  • souvenirs

Mommy store PRIVILEGES

These I find are especially popular with the older kids

  • Electronic time
  • Date with parent
  • Movie night with siblings
  • Friend time
  • Extra play date
  • Free time
  • Movie night alone
  • Late night
  • Day off of School
  • No chores for a day

Here is a free Printable of our chore and reward system Mommy Store.  Hope you enjoy :D.  Mahalo, Rach

Mommy store printable


Mommy Store to Reward Kids.   How to Motivate Kids to do Chores


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