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Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions

Nov 10, 2020 | Celebrate, Thanksgiving | 0 comments

Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions, that don’t Involve Food

Holidays are always an exciting time.  Here in the U.S.  We celebrate Thanksgiving, it all started when the Pilgrims and Indians came together for a big feast celebrating the Harvest and other blessings throughout the past year.  Its celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November.  There are lots of Thanksgiving Traditions that people do.  We always enjoy our Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions, and we even like to add to them when we find some new fun ideas.  Here are some of our favorites, and even some more that we’ve heard of that we like.

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree-

This is one of our favorites, you can do it all Month long, the Day of, or all year long if you wanted to.  It doesn’t have to be just during Thanksgiving.  But this is one, that we especially love, and we like to do it the whole Month of November.  Each day we think of at least one thing that we are grateful for that day, and we put it on the tree.  Then on Thanksgiving day, you can read all those things that you have been thankful for.

  • there are many ways to do it, but we simply use paper.  Some colorful cardstock paper for the leaves, and then a poster board for the tree.  Then tape it somewhere easy for everyone to see and reach.
  • there are also many other ideas that others have.  There are also some nice & easy printables you can find HERE.

Thankful Tree

Delivering Secret Thanks-

If you have ever been “booed” during halloween, or doorbell ditched with a secret treat that was left, then this might sound familiar.

  • choose a few neighbors or friends to say that you are grateful for them.  Similar to the Thankful Tree, but you are secretly telling someone that you are grateful for them.
  • Below is a printable you can printout and leave at the door with a little treat or gift.
  • Then ring the doorbell, or knock, and RUN!!

This is not only fun for the entire family, but its a nice way to secretly give thanks to those around, and hopefully they will want to continue it and spread joy and thanks all around, especially during hard times.

Thankful for you

We are Thankful to know you

Table Talk- “getting to know you game”

Table Talk Printables are awesome ways to dig deep with the people you spend the Holidays with. This conversation generator will have everyone at the table involved! Simply print out the questions, cut, and throw them in a container.  To get the Printable and question, and more ideas you can go HERE.  This can be done around any Holiday, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Table talk

Other ideas that are Fun and simple are:

  • Take a family walk after dinner and before dessert to let the food settle
  • Movie time (we use to be able to go to movies, but now its movie night at home) make it fun and memorable and different.
  • Christmas decorations as a family- if you haven’t yet, you can start decorating, especially the tree.
  • Service ideas, going as a family to serve food at local centers in your community.  deliver items to a food bank. There are many different service ideas.  You can go to for local needs.
  • turkey bowl- family football game, this is always a fun one that you can do whenever, and it gets energy out.
  • watch the thanksgiving football game- there is usually a NFL football game on that some families love to watch together.
  • Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving parade- Depending on if its not cancelled due to COVID
  • tell the story of the first thanksgiving- learn more about it as well.
  • learn about pilgrim ancestors- See if you have any ties to pilgrims or Indians.  (in our family, we have ties to both)  You can go to family search for a free account and learn more about your ancestors.

Are you ready for Christmas and whats to come?  If you want tips for Holiday shopping, go HERE for some of our HOLIDAY SHOPPING TIPS & TRICKS

We hope you are having a wonderful Fall and winter, and enjoying the Holiday season.



Thanksgiving Traditions that Don't Include Food     Non Food Thanksgiving Traditions


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