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School supplies that promote learning at home

Dec 14, 2020 | Homeschool | 2 comments

*This post is sponsored by 3M Kids Hearing Protection. All opinions are my own. 
Let’s talk about school supplies that promote learning at home. With six kids learning at home you can imagine that things can get a little loud and at times crazy in our house. I’m sure that many of you who are homeschooling and remote learning at home this year can agree that the home isn’t always the perfect environment for learning.
Four months into the school year and I’m happy to announce that we’ve gotten into a great groove. Everyone is in a great routine and is able to finish their jobs in a timely manner. Before the school year began, I shared with you guys how to set up a homeschool workspace and my homeschool supplies shopping list. Today, I’m sharing with you school supplies that promote learning at home.


There is nothing worse than school starting in the morning and a child cannot find their school supplies! This is why we invested in some lockers. They keep all their school books and supplies in them and every morning they know exactly where to find their materials. We were lucky to find lockers at a great price. The cube shelf organizers are a great budget-friendly alternative.


You hear me talk a lot about planners. I love them. And the truth is they help keep my kids on schedule throughout the year. Kids thrive on routine and their planners help provide that in the school environment. I always recommend a planner as part of your school supplies to promote learning at home.

File Systems and drawers

Just like the kids need lockers to keep their school supplies organized, I need something to help keep school supplies organized as well. Drawers and file systems are a great way to get organized. I store group curriculum such as history, science, etc. in drawers so that I know where to find them when it’s time to teach those subjects. This is also where we keep past planners and workbooks. We keep them as they serve as a record and transcript of everything my kids have learned.


We have maps around the home and they are useful for more than just geography lessons! We use them for history, art, literature, and more! Sometimes outside of school, we find ourselves having discussions about friends who have traveled to certain places and it’s great to have a map to show our children where it is.

Hearing Protectors

Like I mentioned earlier, with 6 kids (and 2 dogs) plus parents who both work at home, it can get a little loud in the house. Sometimes it can be hard for a child to keep focused with all the commotion going on around them. When I discovered 3M Kids Hearing Protection, I knew I had to try it.

Such cute colors right? My kids really like the designs and have enjoyed wearing and using these hearing protectors to study. They have padded ear cushions that conform to their ears making them comfortable for the kids to wear during their whole school session.

As a mom, I like that they help create a quiet environment for studying and that they are created by 3M, a trusted brand in professional safety. Additionally, I love the flexible headband which provides a secure fit, and that they are designed for kids 3+ so they adjust as they grow.

They are available on Amazon here.

I hope this guide is helpful to you in creating a learning environment in your home. Tell me what your favorite items are for creating an environment that promotes learning. If you try the 3M Kids Hearing Protection let me know which cute design you guys chose and how you guys liked them!


The Now Mom School Supplies to Promote Learning    The Now Mom supplies that help learning


  1. Mathias

    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Cheers!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

    • Rachel Bennett

      you can email us at [email protected]. I’m glad you enjoyed the post


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