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Revamp Your Chore System

Mar 9, 2021 | Family Life, Parenting | 0 comments

It’s almost Spring and that means it’s time to prep for Spring cleaning! Instead of doing a big overhaul right now, we are going to revamp our chore system to get our family back on track. Prepare for a good spring cleaning in your home and revamp your chore system with this updated Chore Printable.


You might wonder when is a good time to revamp your chore system. Here’s a good example: Klailea left and now we need to adjust the chore system in our house. With one less family member to help out we need to revamp out system so that all the chores get done.

Another example for when you mind need to revamp your chore system is when your children get a little older and are able to help a little more or when you move into a new house.

We even use a smaller version of a chore system when we go on vacations for an extended time. We use a chore system keep things organized and cleaned during our trip. Our chore system made a huge difference during our long RV trip through Alaska last summer.

Chore wheel finished


I have tried many different ways to organize chores and the best system I have come up with is by using zones. What this means is breaking up the house into different areas/zones. We break it up by finding a balance in the amount of work each area has. With Klailea gone we had to take away one of our zones and so I choose bathrooms. This one was the best chore to take out because mom and dad can clean their own bathroom, Rykel has her own bathroom and will keep it clean and the little boys and girls will keep their shared bathroom cleaned. This was an easy way to dissolve our chores into the number of helpers we have in the house.

We have broken our house into these areas: 

  1. Kitchen & dining room,
  2. Entrance & Living Room
  3. Movie Room & Animals
  4. Basement
  5. POGL: Pantry, Office, Guest room & Laundry

Each person has one of the above zones for a week. It’s their job to keep that area clean, including, floors, putting things away, dusting, etc.

chore wheel template


It is so much easier to have a template to use each week instead of rewriting your chore chart. I have created a template you can use to revamp your chore system with ease. (free printable here)

To put this template together into a chore wheel like we have done you will need a few supplies.

Items you will need:

  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Card-stock paper
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Round plate & bowl
  • Markers/Pens
  • Paper fastener

Chore wheel supplies

Now it’s time to build your own chore wheel

Go to The Now Mom youtube channel to watch my demonstration on how to build your chore wheel. 

  • Make sure you divide evenly into sections each of the chores in your house. For this part you want to have the same number of chores as you have helpers so that everything gets done each week!

tape chore wheel

Free Printable’s

I also have a room checklist for each of the rooms on the chore-wheel. This is especially helpful when people forget what they are suppose to do in that room for their chore. Make sure to download your (free printable for the room checklist). If you want to reuse them a good option is to laminate them so they last longer.

I taped the room checklist in the inside of the room by the door so that they always know when they go into that room what they need to do. 

I have also found it helpful to create a checklist to help streamline our mornings (free printable here) These are the items the kids need get done before they come up and start their day. It helps them to remember things like making their bed and getting showered without me having to remind them each morning.


Detailed Chore Checklist by room

Morning Checklist

Pie Chart Templates


To revamp my chores this spring I did three simple steps

  1. Get chores organized- divide chores into zone
  2. Make a detailed chore list- list out all the tasks for each chore so children know exactly what they need to do
  3. Give a little motivation- I created the daily checklist to motive my kids to get started with their day. They can earn points for each item completed to buy something from our mommy store.

If you want to learn more about how to set up a mommy store in your house I have a blog post that explains it all. I also explain it in this video on the now mom channel.

I would love to hear your comments on implementing this chore wheel.

Mahalo, Rach


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