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Spring Break Tips

Mar 16, 2021 | Travel, Travel Tips | 0 comments

Are you looking for a simple spring break this year? I have you covered with these simple spring break tips that wont break your budget and will take minimal planning.

Plan a spring break adventure in less than a day with these simple spring break tips. These ideas will help you execute and create the best memories with minimal cost and planning involved. Some places are more shut down due to covid restrictions, keep that in mind as you plan. Either way these tips will help you create the best memories for spring break. Kids are not looking for something elaborate, what they want is togetherness.

Plan Local

Make sure in your area that things are open. Check within 2-3 hours driving range. These are often places you don’t visit regularly but may have some fun tourist attractions. I have moved to many different places and find that I often don’t visit the fun tourist attractions close to me. Look for a bigger city, a national park or a small unique town near by that you can visit on your spring break.

TOA Girls Bowling

Think Like a Tourist

What would you tell your best friend who calls and wants ideas on what to do in your area? Think about what is good to do. I like to use Trip advisor, yahoo and yelp to get ideas of places to visit and good restaurants. When you think like a tourist you are looking for those attractions that normally you might not visit because you are local. Think of what is near your home that bring tourists there.

Graffiti Wyatt Posing

3 Things to Include in Your Vacation

These three spring break tips will help ensure you have a memorable time together as family.

1st Adventure

Find something to do in that location that is fun, fast, and exciting. Look for things like theme parks, roller coasters, a hiking trail, a fun mini golfing course etc. Find something that is unique to that area. I like to look for activities that are outdoors but you decide what will be fun for your family.

shae jumping

2nd Something Different

The second thing you want to include in your spring break vacation is something different. Think of the things you wouldn’t normally do at home. I like to find out what is unique to that location whether it be a mining town, ghost town, famous historical site or beautiful scenic views. There is something different in every area. Look for those unique activities and attractions that make that specific location interesting and fun to visit.

rachel and rykel at the pool

3rd Something Relaxing

The third thing to plan is something relaxing. This could be staying in a hotel, getting a manicure and pedicure, going to a fun park and playing games or relaxing on the grass. You could go swimming or stay a local resort. Make sure to plan something relaxing into your spring break because it will be rejuvenating for the whole family!

If you have these three elements in your spring break adventure I guarantee you will make fun memories together. Your spring break doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate or far away to be memorable. Your family just wants to make memories together and these spring break tips will help you create them. Think of these tips as you plan your spring break vacation.

Relaxing at the pool

Option 2 Staycation

If travel restrictions are up in your area or you don’t feel like traveling I have some spring break tips for you to make the best memories from the comfort of your town. Staycations can be so much fun and are often easier to plan because you already know what local activities there are in your town.

When you are planning a staycation remember to try something new. The fun memories you want to create will come when you do something different. You can change the venue by going to a hotel or air bnb right in your own town. If you are staying local it is not as expensive, you can find cheap deals. So create a staycation that includes something new and exciting that your kids will remember.

Jase Bowling

Packing Tips

I love traveling and going on adventures. Packing can be a hassle with six kids, so I have created packing lists that we use all the time. I especially like to use the kid packing list so they know exactly what to pack. Also check out more packing tips here.

Download my free packing check list printable for kids and adults

Kid packing list

TOA Packing List

When you plan your spring break vacation remember it does not have to expensive or elaborate. You can make some of the best memories near your home simply by doing something different. And don’t forget to check local covid restrictions so that you know what is available. I would love to hear about your spring break adventure!

Mahalo, Rach


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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