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Easter Basket Ideas

Mar 18, 2021 | Celebrate, Easter | 0 comments

Easter is my favorite holiday! I love the fun activities we do during Easter, including a big easter egg hunt. But most of all I love giving simple gifts that I know my family will appreciate. Putting together Easter baskets can get daunting if you are trying to make it like Christmas. My rule of thumb is to keep it simple. This year I have chosen to go with items that my kids need, and a couple of things I thought they would like. The key to a stress-free easter is keeping the easter basket ideas simple!

kids art supplies easter basket

Here are some ways we plan KEEP Easter simple:

1 – Use what you HAVE!!

look around the house and look for what you already have. For treats, you can make it really simple by using what’s in your pantry. Think of things like chips, cookies, granola bars, cracks, fruit snacks, and candy or chocolates. Add a little bonus to your kid’s basket by tossing in a toy or other fun item. Again it doesn’t have to be much.  Something as simple as mini legos, a bouncy ball, nail polish, crayons, or a coloring book will do.

2 – Don’t compare yourself to others! or Instagram!

Don’t get caught up in the big fish mentality. It’s like the fish story…we feel the story needs to be bigger and better for us, wherein in reality…those who listen will still be wowed!  Remember Bigger does not mean better. Children will be just as excited about the fun as you are. Truly children enjoy the simpler things more because they can use their own imagination.

With that said, remember you don’t have to be the Instagram model of perfection, you don’t have to compare yourself to your neighbors…really your kids won’t, they will be excited for whatever they get.

Candy easter basket

3 – Magic doesn’t mean Extravagant!

Again little magical moments can mean more than a HUGE GIFT!

Tell stories, watch your favorite Bunny movies (we love things like HOP or Rise of the Guardians), do fun Easter Activities. If you are religious there are lots of great ideas that bring the focus on Jesus. So remember it’s all how it’s keep it simple and don’t try to outdo yourself or others.

Easter Basket Ideas

This year I choose to get items that my kids would like based on their current interests/hobbies. It’s helpful to categorize your kids into age groups too and get similar items for kids close to the same age. This by buying the same thing for a few different kids (like mini legs) cuts out a little of the extra planning for what goes in each easter basket. Last year we kept Easter baskets very simple with items I found around the house.

art supplies easter basket

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

If you teen boys are like us, they will be happy with legos anytime, or a new card game or a pocket knife. Think about what your kids are interested in and find something simple that they will appreciate.

More ideas for teen boys:

  • legos
  • hat
  • favorite drink
  • art supplies
  • pocket knife
  • chips
  • accessories for a favorite sport
  • flipflops
  • card game
  • jerky

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls

Rykel is really into art and reading so I kept that in mind while putting her easter basket together. If your kid likes to read a homemade bookmark with family pictures or their favorite quotes can be an easy gift idea.

More Ideas for teen girls:

  • fabric markers
  • face mask
  • chapstick
  • nail polish
  • favorite drink
  • favorite candy bar
  • flipflops
  • art supplies
  • journal
  • colorful pens
  • puzzle
  • insta camera accessories
  • lip gloss

teen easter basket idea

Easter Basket Ideas for Young Kids

Little kids can often be the easiest because they are fascinated with so many different things and are happy with just getting something new. Giving your kid a new coloring book and crayons is a simple Easter gift idea that will keep them entertained this spring! Our family has so many fun Easter memories!

More ideas for young kids:

  • play dough
  • coloring book
  • crayons/colored pencils
  • puzzle
  • stuffed animal
  • bubbles
  • chapstick
  • mini lego set
  • hair accessories

little kid easter basket

Themed Easter Basket Ideas!

If you are looking for themed ideas I have a few to share!

Make this Easter more about being together and celebrating the meaning of this special holiday by keeping it simple. I hope these simple tips help your family have a special Easter. I would love to hear what you like to put into your Easter baskets!



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