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How to Make the Best Hawaiian Candy Leis

Apr 26, 2021 | Celebrate | 17 comments

We love our Leis! It’s a Hawaiian family tradition to give candy lei’s as gifts for all the special occasions: birthdays, graduation, performances, and other celebrations. They are super simple to make and fun gifts for any special day! You can make them personalized by using a favorite candy or adding a few Hawaiian flowers in between the candy. If you want to see how to make then step by step watch my video. Or follow the written directions below.

Supplies you will need for a candy Lei

  • Plastic Wrap
  • Lots of candy
  • Ribbon – choose the color(s) your want
  • Scissors
  • Extra: hot glue or tie other fun decorations to the leis to add extra style/personalization
    • artificial flowers, paper flowers, tissue flowers
    • ribbon or yarn bow
    • curling ribbon
    • dollar bills – learn how to make those here

candy lei with flowers

candy lei with money

Step by step instructions to make Hawaiian candy leis

  1. Cut 4 feet of plastic wrap (four adult size), lay it flat on your working surface
  2. Take candy and space it out every 2 inches along the middle of the plastic wrap
  3. Fold over the plastic wrap on one side, over the candy to the other side.
  4. Roll the candy in the wrap so it will not fall out
  5. Take a short strip of ribbon or another tie of your choice (enough to tie a knot) and tie it in between each piece of candy (DON’T tie the ends yet!)
  6. Take the two ends and overlap them, then tie the ribbon on the two ends

With graduation coming up, now is a good time to share this tradition with you. Try it out and let me know how it goes! These are great for holidays, graduations, other big life moments, and of course birthdays. Make sure you are ready for your special someone’s big day and make a few Candy Leis in advance!



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