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We Snuck into A Celebrity’s Luxury Ranch

Apr 30, 2021 | Travel, USA | 0 comments

Imagine sneaking a family of 7 into a Celebrity’s highly secure Luxury ranch without getting caught! Even better, we got the whole thing on camera so that you can watch the footage! Here’s our story and how we accomplished this impressive feat! Read to the end to find out what happens because it did NOT go as planned. 

Back to the beginning, it all started with an invite to a celebrity’s ranch for the following day. This highly secure ranch is so amazing that it is the main subject of an incredible book series! We talked as a family, and all agreed it would be fun to test the security and security limits that keep this ranch protected! Would we be able to sneak by their surveillance cameras without being noticed? We decided to challenge their top security against our sneaking skills and arrive a day early.

Deciding when to Sneak in 

The first item of business was deciding when to sneak in. We all agreed that nighttime would be best. Everyone packed what they needed for an overnight stay, and we loaded into our van. We planned to drive to the property line in the early evening, scope it out, park our van and wait until dark. But our long drive was not as simple as we had imagined.

Driving to the Ranch

On our way to the ranch, we turned off onto a dirt road and then immediately noticed a vehicle that was following us for quite a few miles staying back and almost hiding in our dirt trail that flung into the air behind our tires. We were nervous because we were not on, just some dirt road. We were on the owners, miles-long, private dirt road and hoped they were not suspicious of us being there. We pulled so they could pass, but the truck slowed beside us and then stopped. They asked us where we were going. We said we were looking for a ranch. Once they pulled away, we tried to keep our distance, but every time we slowed down, they slowed too, like they were waiting for us. Eventually, we decided to turn around and park our car hidden in the trees. The truck thankfully kept driving. That was stressful! We found a place to park the van close to the property line and waited until dark.

Waiting Until Dark

In the meantime, we strategized on the best approach to get the rest of the way to the Celebrity’s Luxury ranch. We decided to hike in by foot through the scrub oak trees and undistinguishable prickly bushes and shrubs and hope we wouldn’t get caught. Once nighttime came, we put our hoodies on and grabbed our gear then climbed out of the van. It was time to get moving. 

Hiking at Night

Hiking proved to be more complicated than we had anticipated. First, we had to stay clear of a large pond. We didn’t want anyone accidentally falling in. Next, we noticed flashing lights atop a tower in the distance. We assumed it was surveillance cameras and had to adjust our route to the cabin by avoiding the open fields and moving in the trees closer to their old dark barn. Rykel was afraid of ticks. Evee was scared of snakes. Good thing they are not out when it is this cold! 

When we were closer to the house, a car drove by on the road. We dropped to the floor, frozen by fear, cold, and being stung again by those darned prickly branches that surrounded us! We were worried we would get caught, but Shae said he didn’t think they saw us! It was a good thing we were sneaking into the ranch at night, and the darkness covered us. You have to click above on the video because you will see that we approached a cabin with a massive great Dane that started barking incessantly! We had to hit the ground again while the owner stared out his window! As soon as he moved from the window, we bloated to the nearest cabin and checked it for occupants!

on the water tower after sneaking into ranchA Cozy Cabin

After we determined the coast was clear, Rykel, who was freezing, volunteered to sneak in and hopefully get warm. She found a candlelit room with beds, bedding, and even a table of treats to eat! It was as if someone knew we were coming, and that was a little suspicious, but we were all so tired. As soon as Rykel gave the signal, everyone else piled into the quiet cabin. We quickly turned op a heater, found places to crash for the night, and were soon fast asleep. Well, that is everyone except for Jase. He was too worried that someone would barge in during the night, so he kept guard. Finally, at 5 am. sleep overcame even Jase.

A Knock at the Door

In the morning, just as we were about to leave the small cabin to meet the celebrity, we heard a knock at the door. We were all too afraid to answer. The door swung open, and a big man standing in the doorway said, “Bennett’s, I know you’re in there!” My heart was racing! How did they catch us? How did they know!? Well, we came to find out that their cameras had spotted us long before we spotted them. Luckily for us, this man was semi-expecting us to pull off a major stunt and chuckled at our attempt to sneak past his highly secure system surrounding his ranch. He invited us into the kitchen for a hot breakfast waiting on the table. And notified us that he was afraid for us because of the path we snuck through to get to the cabin. He calls it “rattler alley” because he has had the most rattler close calls there than at any other spot on the property!! I’m glad we were safe, and that was one crazy adventure! 

We’ve Had so many fun adventures with our large family, like when we surprised our kids with a  tropical vacationStay tuned, there are more adventures to come.



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