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Egg Drop: Destruction and Construction

Jun 1, 2021 | Homeschool | 1 comment

The Ohana Adventure took on the challenge of The Egg Drop on Friday, May 31st. If you haven’t already watched the whole video, make sure to check out who the winner/winners are at. But since you’re here, learn how Cora, Evee, Wyatt, Shae, Rykel, and Rachel all made their contraption in an attempt to protect their eggs from 10, 20, and 30 foot drops.

The Soft Landing Egg Drop

Cora started out by wrapping her egg in packing paper. She surrounded the egg with cotton balls, added another layer of packing paper, and ensured her egg’s soft landing by adding, not one, but two cups to her egg drop shelter. Lastly, she secured the top off with a hefty coating of tape along with a makeshift parachute intended to soften the landing of her egg’s fall. 

cora and the perfect protection

Cora holding her version of the perfect protection for her egg, which is snuggled up inside the double-layered cups.

The Parachute Egg Drop

Evee went in a slightly different direction than Cora. Although she too enlisted the use of a provisional, grocery bag parachute, Evee’s protection has one obvious difference. Evee decided to use about a dozen or so toothpicks in an attempt to keep her egg in place. She used a single styrofoam cup, with its perimeter lined with cotton balls. The bottom of the cup revealed a tiny whole, which allowed for easy access to inspect the egg to discover if it had been cracked throughout various drops from varying heights. Do you think her toothpicks were the key that made her egg survive, or was it the catalyst of her ultimate demise?

evee and the parachute egg

Evee along with her egg and the protection she built for it.

The Canon Egg Drop

While Evee’s contraption was slightly different from Cora’s, Wyatt’s went in a completely contrasting direction. His egg’s protection, or as he calls it, “The Canon”, consisted of double sided cups and several inner-protective layers. Upon a look inside of the conjoined rims of the styrofoam cups you would find a nearly empty roll of duct tape. The egg resided in the center of the stiff circle of cardboard that once had a full roll of tape. That tape was also used by Wyatt, who attempted to guarantee a win by filling the remaining space around the circular cardboard with cotton balls, which were held in place by the duct tape. Did “The Canon” soar onto drops two and three, or was it the cause for an explosion of his egg?

wyatt and the canon

Wyatt with his alternative form of protection for his egg’s drops, also known as “The Canon”.

The Minimalistic Egg Drop

Next, is Shae’s minimalistic take on protection for The Egg Drop Challenge. Shae claims that his egg’s protection was supposed to make a statement, but we’re somewhat unclear on what that statement is exactly. His contraption consisted of a styrofoam cup, with a single cotton ball adorning the bottom of the cup. He also added a light film of parchment paper secured onto the top of the cup by a hair tie. The main element of Shae’s setup is the homemade parachute, which is secured to the cup by two strings that had been removed from a facemask. The strings are tied to the handholds of an extra large grocery bag. Lastly, Shae used chopsticks to ensure that his parachute wouldn’t close unexpectedly. Shae’s overly apparent confidence was confirmed when he dismissed the opportunity of more protective materials, yet professed his belief in science several times. We try to incorporate learning everywhere we go.

shae minimalistic egg drop

Here, Shae is holding his egg’s protection, which is a visual representation of his belief in science.

The Most Durable Egg Drop

Next, Rykel also had a different approach in building a protection that was durable enough to survive three drops, while protecting her egg in the process. Durable? That is basically the best one-word description of Rykel’s vessel for her egg’s descent towards cement. The first obvious layer of protection is a sturdy cardboard box, but upon looking inside this box you would find an abundance of layers that proved to be more sturdy than the cardboard box. The box was stuffed full with packing paper and bubble wrap. The fullness of the box secured the styrofoam cup which encased the egg, so that it would remain unmoved throughout the duration of its fall. The cup holding the egg had a couple dozen cotton balls to provide further protection. To finish off Rykel’s seemingly indestructible contraption, she placed a balloon over the top of the cup, so that neither the cotton balls, nor egg would escape. The balloon atop the cardboard box was more for show.

rykel and durable egg drop protection

Rykel proudly showing her egg’s substantial protection, which she called “Confetti”.

The Fastest Built Egg Drop Contraption

The last contender in this Egg Drop Challenge was none other than the other contestant’s mother, Rachel. Rach boasted that the construction of her egg’s protection only took two or three minutes. Was that enough time to build something that could withstand drops from 20 and 30 feet? Rachel stuck with the parachute theme and stated that her method was all about the lift the parachute provided. Her styrofoam cup full of cotton balls encompassed her egg, while a layer of construction tape secured the egg and cotton balls in place. Would her swiftly built protection make it past the first round?

the ohana adventure rach egg drop

Rach sporting a smile and her egg’s protection before it takes on its first drop.

If you want to know who’s egg or eggs won the entire egg drop competition then make sure to check out the video at If you’re worried you won’t get your fill of Jase humor and antics, no need to fear. Just because he’s not in the competition does not mean that he is not in the video. Jase, Rach, and the rest of the crew are sure to provide you with smiles, laughter, and inspiration to do something fun with your own loved ones.

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