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Packing for International Trip

Jun 21, 2021 | Global, Travel | 1 comment

If you have been following us for a while you know that I love to travel! Knowing what to pack is the hardest part of traveling.

From years of traveling I have accumulated a few tips that help me travel light while also bringing everything I need. Whenever I go on a trip that is 5 days or less, I can usually squeeze everything into a carry on. Here’s how I do it.

Packing Electronics

Pack one small bag (small purse size) With all your electronics and plug- ins. 

Tip: If you are traveling internationally you will need international plug adapters.

  • Small bag with Electronics
  • International plugs
  • Power bank
  • Headphones
  • charging plug for car
  • Phone & cord
  • Flashlight
  • Laptop & charger

Downsize your Toiletries

I keep all my toiletries in one small bag (like the size of a quart size Ziploc) Many international airports will have you dump out your liquids into a quart size bag…so I use that as a size guide. 

Tip: To save space and bring everything you want, pour your products into travel size bottles. Only bring what you need and no more! 

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Body wash
  • Hair products
  • Sun screen
  • Microfiber face washcloths. Tip: use these in replace of make-up remover.
  • Feminine products
  • Makeup bag 
  • floss

How to Pack Clothes

Packing clothes can be tricky because you’ll want something for every occasion without packing too much. 

Tip: Pack clothes that can be worn for multiple settings. I like to bring a pair of nice joggers to dress up or wear casual.

  • Joggers, Nice flowy pants
  • Shorts
  • 4 shirts (three solid color shirts and one t-shirt)
  • Sun hat Tip: I have one from amazon that folds up so I can pack it into my bag
  • 2 Swimsuits (rad swim) two piece and 1 piece
  • Socks
  • Sun glasses
  • Jewelry (just a few pieces, of course our Ohana Means Family Bar necklace)

Insert picture:


Packing the Right Shoes

Shoes are the bane of my existence! I can never decide what shoes to bring but what helps me decide is bringing appropriate shoes for activity. To save space in my bag, I condense my shoes by packing multifunctional shoes. Bring sandals that can be dressed up or worn at the beach.

Tip: Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane

  • Tennis Shoes for walking/hiking – wear these while traveling
  • Sandals
  • Flats Tip: Choose flats over heels, they are better for walking and take less space in your bag.


Packing your medicine 

In a small bag I like to bring the following:

  • Medicine
  • Drink packets. I use ones from Truvy because they taste great and have no added sugar. 
  • Extra strength Tylenol, Advil or ibuprofen.
  • Airborn so you don’t catch anything on the plane
  • Band-Aids Pro Tip: These are great for blisters!
  • eye drops

Packing Snacks

Pack snacks to save money and avoid unhealthy food at airports. We use a points system for the kids earn points and trade for treats and toys.

Tip: Put all your snacks in a grocery size bag so they are easy to pull out at security. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Go-go squeez
  • Dried fruit
  • Check mix (big Ziploc bag to put the mix in after its opened)
  • Water bottle

Other Items to pack in your purse/handbag

  • Mints
  • wallet/passport
  • Planner. This is great for writing notes and planning out your daily activities. I love the mini 3 month planner by Erin Condren. It has everything you need in a small booklet! 
  • Masks!! Don’t forget these
  • Ziploc bags

Pro Tip: Bring extra Ziploc’s. These are super useful for so many things, like packing medicine for a day trip or dividing snacks. 

Side Note: When we travel with our children I bring lots of Ziplocs in all sizes. I divide activities, hair supplies, snacks etc. for the kids. They are also great if you buy a liquid and don’t want an explosion in your bag!


I pack light so I can bring home lots of goodies for the kids and souvenirs from my trip. 

I also like to pack a duffel bag to bring home more things. But if you don’t want to bring home an extra bag, then just make sure you don’t pack your bag full to begin with and you will have room for your favorite little souvenirs! 

That’s it! With these tips you should be ready for your next international vacation

I would love to hear how your next trip goes, 


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