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7 Reasons to Visit Cappadocia, Turkey

Jul 2, 2021 | Global, Travel | 2 comments

Cappadocia, Turkey is AMAZING!! People think it’s only for adults due to all of the fancy Instagram photos all over the internet. But, it is so much more fun for kids! They can explore the cone-shaped rock formations, the 1st-century momentary caves, and climb all around the cave dwellings carved into the mountainside; your kids will have plenty to scout out. Cappadocia is known for its moon-like landscape and underground cities. We were not disappointed by the wonder of this majestic part of the world, and that is why after coming as a couple we hurried back with our entire ohana. 

panorama view of cappadocia city#1 Amazing Panoramic Views of Cappadocia

Your first stop should be capturing a panoramic view of the whole valley before seeing it up close. The Goreme panoramic view is one of the best viewpoints from above. In addition, there are several other amazing panoramic viewpoints from above Cappadocia, that let you take in the whole landscape. One reason to get up early is to see over 100 hot air balloons rising with the sun. That alone is an incredible sight. 

#2 Best Desserts in Turkey

One of our favorite things to eat in Turkey is their Turkish Delight! You can’t go to Turkey without tasting all their amazing flavors, and the local street shops in Cappadocia are just the place to find them. With an enormous variety of Turkish Delight to choose from, it’s impossible to walk away empty-handed. However, if Turkish Delight is not your thing, you can go with Baklava. It’s my personal favorite. This pastry has a nice flaky texture and is filled with nuts and drizzled with a sweet honey sauce. The pastries are reason enough to visit Turkey!

#3 The Underground Cappadocia Cavescaves underground city cappadocia turkey

The next adventure you don’t want to miss is deep into the earth, estimated to be almost 5 million square feet and over 300 feet deep. These underground cities were a place of refuge for civilizations a millennia ago. The interconnecting tunnels stretch for miles; you could travel for days and still find new cracks and crevasses. Don’t worry tour guides and arrows will point you in the right direction so you won’t get lost! 

#4 Learn about Turkish Culture

If you are too claustrophobic for the underground city, the cave dwellings dug into the mountainsides are just as unique and fascinating to see. I think it’s so fascinating to learn about how these people lived and get to know a little bit more about their history through their dwelling styles and the secos and frescos that cover the ceilings and walls. Fun fact: The Turkish people built tables the same height or sometimes lower than their table so that when they ate they had to bow low to eat to show humility & gratitude for their meal. 

cappadocia acient city ruins travel turkey#5 Test your Hand at Pottery

Another favorite of ours was learning how to make pottery at Sultan Ceramics from the pros. The local family has lived in this cave house for 6 generations. They have been throwing pottery for centuries and will teach you how it’s done. We even tested out the pottery wheel ourselves with some expert help. In the shop which is also in an articulately carved cave, they have hundreds of clay dishes, decorations, and more; each piece is uniquely made with multiple colors and intricate designs. This is a great place to find some quality souvenirs.

#6 Why Kids Love Mushroom Valley

Pasabag valley (or more popularly known as Mushroom Valley) is the perfect spot for a photoshoot or kid climbing exploration. The landscape is incredible and so fun for kids! You don’t want to miss all the houses to explore here; built into mushroom-looking rock formations. If you are adventurous and want to climb around you will be able to climb through vertical tunnels up multiple stories to the tops of cliffs that overlook the multiple valleys below.

#7 Where You Find the Best Kunefe Dessert 

Lastly, in Cappadocia, you can find one of the best Kunefe places in Turkey! (Kunefe is a dessert filled with raw honey and motzarella) They serve amazing Kunefe that they make from scratch right in front of you! They also make other incredible desserts as well. You must try it! 

With these tips on the best places to visit and incredibly tasty foods to try, you will have an incredible vacation in Cappadocia, Turkey. Be sure to stay tuned for more travel adventures! 



  1. Rania

    You should go to Morocco!!! They are thé nicest people and there is a lot of stuff to do!!
    Thé flod is delicious!

  2. Rania



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