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5 Things To Do In Pamukkale, Turkey

Jul 14, 2021 | Global, Travel | 0 comments

Wade in the Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Pamukkale, Turkey is one of those places that doesn’t seem real unless you’ve been there to experience it in person. It’s an incredible oasis, filled with crystal clear spring water filling up with numerous hot pools. If you plan on visiting Turkey make sure Pamukkale is on your list of places to go. We loved it so much that Jase and I went twice this year, the second time bringing our kids.

I loved how peaceful it was on the hillside, just sitting in the water. We were so lucky to have a whole pool to ourselves, and took some fun pictures! This was a neat experience for the whole family. The kids loved walking through the pools and playing with the white sand/mud. Everyone had so much fun.

walking to the pamukkale pools

Visit the Ruins of Hierapolis

After visiting the pools we visited Hierapolis. Here’s a fun fact, the main gate to enter the city has three doorways where people would enter depending on their class in society. The middle doorway was for the king, the right doorway was for wealthy people, and the left doorway was for essential people. The poor people had to enter the city by walking around to a side entrance.

The grand theater, made mostly of marble was built to hold 15,000 people. I love how we would hear each other talking from across the amphitheater because the acoustics were so clear. I can imagine how exciting this theater once was when it was full of people.

the ohana adventure family at pamukkale

Swim in Cleopatra’s Favorite Pool

Fun fact! Cleopatra’s favorite pool is in the city of Hierapolis and we got to swim in it!

It’s a lot harder to swim in this pool than you would think. Because there are so many minerals in the water it makes swimming and opening your eyes underwater difficult. But that didn’t stop our kids. They all jumped right in. Our kids had a competition to see who could do a handstand the longest underwater. I enjoyed a nice swim myself while watching my kids play.

Know Before You Go: You have to pay extra to swim in Cleopatra’s pool, but it is totally worth it.

rykel and cora at thermal pools in pamukkale

Taste the Thermal Water

Don’t forget to drink healthy thermal water. Don’t worry it comes out of a spigot not straight from the pool. But the taste of this water is amazing, and it’s full of minerals!

Another Fun fact, thermal water can be used to cure cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and so much more. It is no wonder why Cleopatra loved this pool!

Try a Local Vendor for some Fresh Juice

It gets hot walking through the city, so we bought tasty freshly made apple and orange juice. Would you guess it took 15 oranges to make us three cups of orange juice? It was a lot of oranges, and it tasted so good!

Can you tell we all had a great time? I love this place and would come back in a heartbeat. I am especially glad we got to bring our kids. Family means everything to me, and having family experiences like this is what I love!

If you’ve been to Turkey, I would love to know your favorite place to visit!



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