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NEW HOME Tour (RV Edition)

Jul 27, 2021 | Family Life | 0 comments

If you watched The Ohana Adventure’s latest videos then you would know that we have bought a massive RV, which will be used as our second home. We will be taking this RV on adventures all across the country, to different states, and hope to meet many members of the TOA squad. We are ready to hit the road, but first we want to show you all what the RV has to offer.

The Outside

screen shot 2021 07 23 at 1.25.04 pm

The outside of our recreational vehicle, also known as the Thor Challenger 37 bunkDS (A-class), displays an array of black, grey, white, and red paint. The name Challenger adorns the vehicle in several different locations across the nearly 40-foot exterior. This motor home appears to be a beast while on the road and from on-lookers, but the inside offers nothing short of luxury and comfort…even for a family of eight.

The Interior

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.37.55 pm

The luxury mentioned starts as soon as the door is opened, automatic stairs unfurl to ensure an easy entrance. Upon entrance, you are met with a fully equipped kitchen.

The Kitchen

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The kitchen has white and grey granite countertops, with a grey tile backsplash. This kitchen also comes with a full-sized, stainless steel fridge and freezer. The dark brown cabinets are a big contrast from the lighter counter space, but they do allow for a lot of storage. The cupboards and drawers are where our food, silverware, cooking utensils, and all kitchen necessities are hidden away. On one side of the counters, there is the sink, which is stainless steel. There is also an additional foot and a half of additional counter space that hangs off on hinges that can be pulled up into a usable surface. The other side of the counters has a small stovetop with two burners, and a microwave oven overhead.

Dining/Living Room

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Moving past the kitchen, we find the dining area. The tabletop matches the white and grey counters. The benches adorning either side of the table are topped with tan cushions. This is a great place to eat, socialize, and get school work done. The table is retractable to the point where the cushions can be unfolded and rearranged so that the dining area can be transformed into a bed.

On the opposite side of the RV, across from the dining area, there is a couch, fit for sitting and relaxing, it faces the flatscreen TV that is mounted above the dining table. The couch is not quite big enough for laying down unless it’s Evee or Cora, so we may be doing something with the couch in the makeover 😉 . The couch is the same color as the table-side bench cushions, and this too converts into a bed. 

Camouflaged Bed

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.41.56 pm

Moving towards the front of the motorhome we are able to find yet another bed, but it’s hidden and tucked out of the way. It is nearly camouflaged, but the bed is directly above the driver and shotgun seat. buttons control the bed to be lowered, so that it can be used, and put away so that it’s out of the way when the RV is in motion. Having this hidden bed helps when we have the whole family packed into the RV, with it, we have enough beds to sleep everyone.

Captain’s Quarters

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.45.24 pm

This is where Jase spends the majority of his time in the RV. He is the driver of this massive vehicle and handles all the controls. From the driver’s seat, he is able to access the digital command center, which controls the lights, window shades, fans, and most importantly, the music. We all know that Jase loves to dance, sing, and party. The shotgun seat has a table built into the dashboard. This table is like the ones on airplanes, only bigger, so I am able to eat or get work done while we are driving across the country.



screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.43.01 pm

A sliding door on one side of the motorhome reveals a bathroom with a sink, toilet, many cupboards, and even a shower. This space is perfect to store all of our toiletry necessities, and the shower is especially nice for when we’re doing multiple days or week-long road trips.

Bunk Beds/Closet

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.43.38 pm

Along the other side of the hallways, there are double sliding doors, which open up to bunk beds. There is a large window that allows for natural light in addition to the lights, which can be controlled by the switches above the bunk beds. There is a space for tablets or phones to be mounted to the wall, this feature is very useful when the kids can’t agree on one thing to watch, they can watch their own movie in the comfort of the bunk bed. Outlets are also readily accessible. If the top bunk isn’t in use, it can be folded up and stored away, which converts this space into a closet. There is a hanging rod above the top bunk that is fully exposed and usable when the top bunk is tucked away. The little girls like to occupy this bunk bed space.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.44.07 pm

Finally, moving to the back of the RV the master bedroom and ensuite fills the rest of the space. Of course, this is where us parents spend a lot of time. The bed appears small when the vehicle is moving, but with a simple press of a button, it elongates into a full-sized bed. Facing the bed is a flat-screen TV surrounded by ample amounts of closet room and dresser drawers. Inside one of these closets, there is a washing machine, which again, is perfect for those long road trips that we plan on taking. Moving past the closet space we enter into the private master bathroom. This is one of my favorite parts of this Challenger RV because I like my showers, and having our own private bathrooms allows me to take one whenever I please.

screen shot 2021 07 26 at 2.44.28 pm

If you did not know, we surprised the kids with this RV, they had no idea that we bought it, so check out that video if you haven’t. Also, keep an eye out for the makeover, as well as all the fun, exciting, and long trips we plan to take in this massive motorhome. Lastly, if you have any name ideas for our new home/RV, let us know what you think we should name it.


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