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Old Neighborhood, New Dares

Aug 2, 2021 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 3 comments

We traveled back to Heber, Utah, the city where we used to live. But we didn’t stop there, we went to the exact neighborhood and house that we previously lived in and started YouTube. We visited past friends, schools, and even revisited some cringey memories. Naturally, in classic TOA style, we had to make things a bit more of an adventure. We decided to do a round of truth or dare, minus the truth part. We all took turns daring each other to do certain activities in our old neighborhood, or close by our old schools, and maybe even in front of previous crushes.

First Dare Flashbacks

screen shot 2021 07 29 at 11.57.22 am

We took a dive into the YouTube archives of 2017 and 2018, where we found some of our most popular videos, including Klai’s music video: Teen Crush. Dad was quick to challenge Klailea to the first dare. The dare was that Klailea had to go to the old high school, where the original music video was filmed to sing a line from the song. Although the video has had over 100 million views, it wasn’t enough for Klailea to deny the fact that it was awkward. Nevertheless, she pulled through and belted out the line, “My teen crush is at school, my teen crush it as school, my teen crush just made me act, just made me act like a fool!” The song “Teen Crush” is a rewrite of Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do”.

toa old school heber teen crush high school music video

We weren’t through revisiting the music video era. Klailea wasn’t the only one who did music videos, the next dare was for Klailea and Rykel. We did a parody of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” as “Can’t Stop This Acne”. Although Klailea and Rykel are several years older, they were both able to nail several of the lines from the song, which completed their music video dares. We’ll leave the music video dares and the girl’s embarrassment in The Ohana Adventure’s 2018 YouTube…for now.

Library Shenanigans

truth or dare library hide and seek evee heber dare toa oahana adventure

Although some people may not consider a game of Hide and Seek to be library-appropriate, this wouldn’t be our first time getting kicked out of a library, so that lead us to our next dare. After leaving the high school, we headed to our community library, where we dared Evee to be the seeker in a game of hide and seek. Shortly after Evee’s 30-second countdown, Cora was promptly found…three times. Wyatt was the last one to be found, so he got to choose who did the next dare.

Cora’s Love Confession

truth or dare dares mailbox toa ohana adventure cora hug mailbox cora

Wyatt dared Cora to hug their old mailbox for two minutes, and boy did Cora deliver. Not only did Cora hug the mailbox for the entire 120 seconds, she loudly professed her love to the mailbox for the whole neighborhood, possibly the whole universe, to hear. She departed from her beloved mailbox and left it with a smooch. Cora picked the next dare, her victim was Shae.

Doorbell Ditch Dares

Cora held nothing back when she challenged Shae to doorbell ditch his old crush’s house. Dad added to the dare by saying, “If she’s home, you have to give her a hug.” Because Shae is such a lover and not a fighter, he was able to embrace in a hug with his old flame. After knocking on several other doors, and revisiting with past neighbors, Shae was challenged to another dare. The girls aren’t the only ones who have musical abilities. Shae had a music video called “Pre Teen Crush”, which is a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Friends”. Once an old neighbor opened their door, Shae was dared to repeat several of the dance moves from his music video, along with relighting a line or two. Fighting through giggles, and rosy cheeks, he managed to complete the dare.

toa truth or dare old neighborhood heber friends memories old freinds

Ends Where it All Began

The remainder of the dares transformed into an afternoon full of fun and reminiscing with old friends. It was so fun, crazy, and very nostalgic to visit our old neighborhood and stomping grounds in Heber. We’ll always be grateful for our time there. It’s where we started our YouTube channel, and where we got to create new friendships through all of you, our subscribers and supporters. We love you!

If you want to try out some of the fun family and friend Truths or Dares that we did we have a cutout printable here:

dare print out

Page 1

dare print out pg.2

Page 2

truth print out

Page 3

truth print out pg. 2

Page 4


  1. Taylor tate

    Hi my name is Taylor Tate I’m Memphis Tennessee 23 years old my favorite YouTube the ohana adventure Rykel Bennett eating healthy brothers sisters and and parents


    Hi I’m Cecilia Davila, my favorite ohana adventure kid is Shae.
    I love your Chanel keep up the good work with YouTube!

  3. Hawa

    Rykel klailea ryklai you i like you Underdstand make me cry you schooljaar is hawa abdullahi niet meer informatie over relationship new family member last year week dish I do happen SAVE ME like you make you sad miss you I am here suspensie are stupid I go team mb1 van hawa verjaardag year ago see you soon next time bye bye


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