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First RV Trip

Aug 3, 2021 | Roadtrip, Travel | 1 comment

If you’ve watched our latest YouTube videos on our main channel and travel channel, you’ll see that we got a brand new RV. This RV is going to allow us to travel all over the country! We are so excited to explore states that we have yet to see and different parts of the U.S. The first destination we decided to go to wasn’t too far from home. We went to Mirror Lake, which is located high up in the Uinta Mountains in Utah.

RV Set Up

After gathering all the food and supplies we needed, we packed it all into the RV. Because our motorhome is so spacious and built with a lot of storage, we were able to fit all of our food and items in with ease. Next, we had to figure out where all eight of us were going to sleep. Mom and dad were obviously going to sleep in the master bedroom, which is where the dogs, Fila and Shaw, slept as well. The big girls slept on the hidden bed, that lowers above the driver and passenger’s seat. The little girls occupied the bunkbeds. The dining table was converted into the bed, as well as the couch, which is where the boys slept. Everyone was ready for a peaceful rest after our long day of traveling.

1st rv trip-dogs-fila-shaw-fur babies-dogs in RV-camping


Of course, the trip started out with fishing. Mirror Lake is a popular fishing and recreation spot. There are three different kinds of trout in the lake: rainbow, brook, and tiger. Bright and early in the morning, Jase caught a 20-inch fish, which was close to his record in this location, which stands at 23-inches. All the kids, even Klai (who’s not the biggest fan of fishing) all joined in on the fun. We used the fish to make a campfire dinner of fish and potatoes, it turned out delicious, there wasn’t a crumb leftover.


Hammocks and Hanging Out

Once we were all situated at our campsite, the little girls got to work setting up the hammock. they took turns swinging the hammock around, while one of them was bundled up inside. Shae took a turn in the hammock and decided to sleep in the hammock for one of the nights.

hammock-camping-nature-camp site-trees-Cora-evee


Evee has recently been reading the series Warriors by Erin Hunter. The book is about cats, and all the cats live in dens. Evee and Cora got to work gathering logs, sticks, grass, and other materials to create their own little dens and forts. Evee had the idea of possibly putting the dog in the fort she built, instead of keeping them in the RV.

fort-den-nature-building-trees-branches-log-stump-sticks-grass-mosscamping-camp chair-dogs-moutains-camp site-trees-nature-klai-evee

RV Overhang

Although we were up in the mountains where the air was a bit cooler, the sun was very bright. Luckily, the Rv has a nice outdoor overhang, which is perfect for providing shade on those super sunny days. We set up our camp chairs underneath the shade and all enjoyed our lunch. It was nice to simply talk and hang out in the beautiful scenic nature that surrounded us.

RV-first rv trip-overhang-lunch-camping-camp chairs

 Mirror Lake

The lake doesn’t only have a campground, but also picnic facilities, and a boat ramp for non-motorized watercraft. Although we didn’t have a boat, we did have the urge to do some more fishing. The lake was so serene surrounded by an endless grove of pine trees, and a 360-degree view of nearby mountains. The brisk wind and weather of the higher elevation was definitely refreshing and welcomed compared to the 115-degree weather we had been receiving lately back at home. Although it was a bit on the chilly side, Shae still decided to take a dip in the water (it makes me cold just thinking about it). The dogs attempted to follow him into the water, but the lake was even too cold for them.

mirror lake-Shae-dogs-swimming-cold water-polar plunge-chilly-fishing


After leaving the shore of the lake and heading back to the campsite, everyone wanted to warm up, especially Shae. We got a campfire going, and ended the last night of our first RV trip the only appropriate way we know… with s’mores. We switched up the traditional s’mores a little, and put our own spin on it. We roasted the marshmallows until they were golden brown, and then took them off the skewer, and put a piece of chocolate inside the warm marshmallow. This was Cora’s genius idea, and the whole family tried and loved it.

s'mores-cooking-roasting-marshmallows-dessert-camfire-camping-Uintas-mirror lakecampfire-cooking-s'mores-fire-chocolate-marshmallows-camping-RV

We are so excited for all the trips to come in our RV. We are definitely planning on taking some longer trips, and hopefully, we will be able to meet some more members from all around the U.S. Make sure to follow our accounts on Instagram, and watch our Ohana Adventures channel to see where we travel to next!

1 Comment

  1. Adeline Camerson

    This looks so fun! Love your channel and this website!

    ~Love from Canada


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