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New Home Makeover (RV Edition)

Aug 9, 2021 | Family Life, Organization | 0 comments

Last week we did a tour of the new RV that we just bought, but we knew that we wanted to do some renovations. Since we are planning on going on some pretty major trips soon, we wanted everything to be perfect and make it feel like home, especially when we are away going to be away from home for weeks at a time. That is why we decided to do a bit of a makeover to our new RV and add our own OHANA touches.

Kitchen and Cabinets

The major color changes of the RV took place mainly in the kitchen and its cabinets. We decided to change the dark brown cabinets to a sleek, bright white. The white makes the RV so much lighter and polished. The cabinets in the bathrooms also were painted white. The color change of just the cabinets transformed the look of our RV. We wanted to change the dark and somewhat dull ambiance that the RV first emitted into something that looks radiant and refined.

rv makeover kitchen before rv makeover kitchen after


A lot of the changes we made were to lighten the RV (color-wise 😉 ). Another one of the more significant changes we made to our second home is that we added wallpaper. We added wallpaper to certain parts in the hallway and the bathroom in order to brighten up the vehicle. The bathrooms were completely transformed once the wallpaper was laid down. Getting the wallpaper on was no easy task, so of course, I had my helpers, Shae and Wyatt, assist me. But the final product was well worth the struggle.

rv makeover bathroom before rv makeover bathroom afterrv makeover master bathroom after


Bedding can make or break a room, so we decided to change out the sleeping bags for something more stylish and functional. Beddy’s has excellent bedding that is adorable, easy to set up, and keeps everything tidy. We changed the bedding for the hidden bed above the driver and shotgun seat, and we changed the bunkbeds bedding and the bedding in the master bedroom. I changed out the curtain valances to match the bedding, and they turned out so cute. We chose bedding that would all match one another and go along with the aesthetic of the new white cabinets, as well as the rest of the RV.

rv tour bedding 1 rv makeover bedding 2


Sometimes the smallest additions can make the biggest difference. Adding little touches and decorations is definitely my favorite part of remodeling. Decorating is where I’m really in my element and when I get to make the project my own. I picked out a tone of throw pillows that added splashed of color to the neutral colors of the furniture. I had to bring in some fake plants; we have some hanging ones, some in the bathroom, a couple in the kitchen/living room area. The plants complement and enhance the brightness of the cabinets and bright wallpaper. A really fun personal touch that I added to the RV was the “hat wall.” The wall alongside the master bed was plain and dull, so I decided to hang hooks so that my hats could be on display as a cute decoration, and now they are easy to access from the wall.

rv makeover couch before rv makeover couch after rv makeover decorations plants rv makeover decorationshat wall

Decorations Continued

I added rugs to the master bathroom, the master bedroom, and the kitchen. Because the motorhome originally had no carpet, these rugs make the vehicle a bit more homey. To really make the RV feel like home, I added some family pictures in the hallway. I mainly used photos from our past travels. One of the pictures is from one of our very first travels as a family of eight, and it says, “Family is the greatest adventure.” We are so excited about all of the new adventures that this RV will allow us to experience. To keep track of all the places our RV takes us, we have a medal cutout of the United States, and we are going to place magnets on each state we go to.

rv makeover hallway before rv makeover hallway after rv makeover medal states plack

Name Reveal

Leave a comment here or on our video to let us know where you live because we are planning on taking a big trip soon and hope to meet many members of the TOA squad. Also, we did decide on a name for our massive motorhome. We are calling it BIG BEASTY. We are so thankful and thrilled for all the upcoming travels and experiences our remodeled BIG BEASTY will bring us.


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