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How to Get Organized For Homeschool

Aug 14, 2021 | Homeschool | 1 comment

Back to Homeschool is just around the corner. We get organized by helping each kid gather all the supplies they need and set up their space. I love having a separate desk space for each kid. This is a great way to teach them responsibility by having them keep their space neat and organized. Getting all the kids involved in the organization process helps them be more excited about school. Getting organized is one of many ways I prepare for back to school.

Keep Curriculum Organized With Planners

I use planners for everything! I love to be organized and keep track of everything (school or work) with a planner. My favorite planners come from Erin Condren. She has multiple planners for different needs but my favorite is the academic planner. They have lots of space for the kids to track their progress and set goals. Each of my kids writes down what they need to accomplish daily for each of their courses. Planners are a great way to keep your kids on task.

wyatt holding his mandalorian planner by erin condren

I also love the cute organizing supplies that Erin Condren produces. They have everything from Starwars Collection notebooks to fun gel pens and sticky note balls. Really almost everything you need for school supplies they have. Must have supplies in our house are extra notebooks, lots of pens/pencils, and sticky notes. I try to help the kids get the supplies they need at each of their desk spaces so they are not running around the house looking for a pen or notebook.

shae at his desk organized and ready for school

Pro Tip: Store supplies in all the places your kids will study and your house will be a place of learning no matter where they go.

evee holding her erin condren spanish planner

Organize Desk Spaces

We use desk organizer compartments to keep all the kid’s items neat so the desk is clutter-free. I love to find a lot of bright-colored organizers to match their space. Our kids have fun getting to pick a theme and find school supplies that match their theme.

wyatt at his organized school desk with white board calendar

To help with the organization and keep clutter off the desks, we also use bookshelves for the kids to store more of their school supplies. This year we reorganized all our spaces and did a makeover to make it more user-friendly for our kids. This includes making it easier to get things out and put things back where they belong.

Pro Tip: If everything has a place it doesn’t get as cluttered.

rykel at her desk space with organizers and white board on wall

As you set up for homeschool this year a few things to keep in mind are creating clutter-free space and choosing a kid-friendly planner. I would love to hear what you do to get ready for homeschool.


1 Comment

  1. Jase Brubaker

    Gday, few months late, was doing homeschooling over in Melbourne, Australia at the same time #mostlockeddowncity #lockdown6, also noticed the date – my birthday lol,


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