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First Day of School in AFRICA

Aug 24, 2021 | Travel | 0 comments

We took the biggest, most intense, and most life-changing field trip that we have ever taken. We traveled all the way around the world, took six plane rides, got split up in airports, drove for countless hours, but finally arrived in Africa. It was well worth the stress of traveling once we got there. While we were in Africa we had some of the most insane experiences, but the most rewarding experience was helping to provide people with fresh, clean, and more easily accessible water. If you want to donate anything at all, please visit Walk 4 Water. One dollar brings clean water to one person for life. While in Africa, we got to visit several different villages, and one of the villages let us join in on their school day. Our first day of school in Africa was a bit different from our first day of school in America. Here is how it went.


africa uganda first day of school school rach recess kids games jump rope nursery rhymes africa uganda first day of school school recess playing games jumprope ryhmes fun

While we were there, Uganda school started out with recess. We brought a lot of items so that we could play with all of the kids. All of the children were in love with the jump ropes, volleyballs, bubble blowers, soccer balls, and other toys we brought for them to play with. We taught them songs and nursery rhymes, their enthusiasm and excitement were contagious. After playing a lot of games it was time for us to go into the classrooms.


africa uganda first day of school school teaching mathematics social studies classroom africa uganda first day of school school evee school mathematics numbers classroom

It’s possible that recess was first in an attempt to get all the kid’s wiggles out, so they can focus during class. The day we attended school, the teacher was teaching mathematics and social studies. They welcomed us into their classroom and encouraged us to participate. The professor taught solely in English, all the children there are learning English, and the older kids are almost fully fluent. Speaking and hearing only in English during class is helping them to learn the language much faster because they are fully immersed in English. While learning how to add and subtract, they also were learning how to pronounce and spell words. The professor would call on students to repeat words such as “mathematics”, “subtract”, and different numbers. They stood every time they were answering a question and they all clapped for their peers when they answered correctly. It was so much fun to participate in another culture’s class and studies.

Building the Schoolrooms

Not only did we attend school in Uganda, but we also helped to build parts of their school buildings.

Finishing Desks

africa uganda first day of school school cora jase desk sanding varnish

The whole family helped to finish getting one of the classrooms ready. The desks had just gotten finished from being built and moved into the classroom. Jase, the kids, and I helped to sand the desks so that none of the kids would get slivers. We also painted on varnish to all of the desks, which gave them all a nice and shiny finish.

Building Classrooms

africa first day of school school humanitarian building classrooms helping uganda

Everyone assisted in building a wall that will be a part of one of their new classrooms. They made a mixture from dirt, cement mix, and water. This mixture was laid down with a brick trowel, and the bricks were placed on top of it. We also used a building line and a pendulum to ensure that the rows of bricks were level and even.

We loved going to school in Uganda, but even more so we loved helping out in their community to hopefully provide more people with the opportunity of education and fun memories. What are some of your favorite moments from traveling?



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