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We Spent a Day in an African Village

Aug 26, 2021 | Global, Travel | 0 comments

I am so excited to share one of our most recent family trips, to Uganda, Africa. This was an experience like none other. Our reason for this trip was to help build wells and provide school supplies for local communities. 

African Humanitarian Trip

We teamed up with Family Humanitarian (whose mission is to provide sustainable resources; like clean water to people who otherwise do not have access to clean water). We had the opportunity to spend time side by side with the local people and learn more about their way of life.

evee and rach carry water buckets to village shae holding baby africa

Learning About African Culture

Our family loved spending a day in the life of the African community. We participated in activities that they would do on a normal day. This really helped us learn more about their culture and connect with the people. We loved doing chores with the children and helping where we could. Our kids loved learning what a day in the life is like for the children their age in Uganda. 

rachel teaching african child a game klailea wearing formal african dress

Everyone had so much fun learning the games the kids in the village play. We also shared a few games we know and like. The kids played kickball, monkey in the middle, and lots of jump rope. We even brought a few fun things to share as well, including bubbles and a soccer ball that the kids loved. They will keep those items at their school that helped expand

shae with african kids klailea holding child day in the life african village

Wells for Water

We are so privileged in America with access to tap water in our homes. In Uganda, the people travel on average 5 kilometers to fill up their water jugs. We quickly learned how difficult it was to carry the water from the nearest well back to their village. We had a water challenge carrying the jugs from the well. Imagine traveling up to 5 kilometers each day, carrying jugs that weigh up to 40 lbs for your drinking water.

rykel pumping water from well african village jase carrying water jugs from well to village

Participate in Humanitarian Efforts!

As part of our humanitarian efforts, we are raising money to build more wells in Uganda. Every $1 donated provides clean, fresh water to 1 person for LIFE! Join our mission to bring clean water to these wonderful villages. You can donate here!

Thanks for hanging out today



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