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30 Tips for Traveling with Kids on a Long Flight

Sep 2, 2021 | Travel, Travel Tips | 0 comments

When we are traveling on a very long flight there are a few essential items we take. This keeps the kids happy, and mom and dad sane for the duration of the flight. Recently we traveled to Africa, which as you can imagine, took days of travel and many restless hours on a plane. Having our family’s favorite items on the plane meant kids were happy much longer. 

Non-Electronic Activities For Kids On the Plane

  1. Cards – Wyatt loves bringing a deck of cards and there are so many games you can play
  2. Journal – I have my kids journal while they travel
  3. planner/notebook – it’s the perfect time to brainstorm new ideas (not so much for kids but great to have)
  4. small card games – we love grandpa beck’s games
  5. Sketch Book
  6. Novel or activity book like spot it
  7. Fidget Toy (Puzzles, spinner pop it, etc.)
  8. Small Figurine Toys (under 2 inches) animals, characters, etc. 

Pro Tip: I love finding small toy souvenirs for our kids (I did this especially when they were little) because the souvenir can double as a fun travel toy that doesn’t take up space in their bags.

klailea waiting in the airport

Electronics to Bring on a Long Flight

At home, the kids have screen time that they earn. Screen time while traveling is a little more tricky because there is not much to do on the plane. The best solution I have found is breaking up their screen time with other activities.

  1. Headphones – Noise-canceling headphones are great for the plane to block out the engine noise
  2. iPad or Tablet – Some planes don’t have TV’s so I like to download a few movies for kids to watch on a small device. Having a few games on the iPad will help keep your kids happy
  3. Nintendo Switch or other game devices
  4. Headphone splitter – If you have limited devices and your kids are sitting next to each other, they can watch something on the same device. 
  5. Power Bank – This is especially great on those longer flights
  6. Charging Cords for your electronics

bennett familiy getting to their flight

Snacks to Bring on the Plane

Bring mess-free snacks that you know your kids will eat. I buy items in bulk and bring extra Ziploc bags to divide up the snacks. I love dividing up the snacks this way because it means less mess (you don’t have to pass one bag around). It also means I don’t have to pull food out every time someone is snacky. 

  1. Trail mix
  2. Dried Fruit
  3. Fruit Snacks
  4. Granola Bars
  5. Beef Jerky
  6. Popcorn
  7. GoGo Squeez applesauce
  8. string cheese
  9. Refillable water bottle
  10. Hand Sanitizer & Baby wipes – helps keep hands sticky-free!

boarding the plane for a long flight

How to Stay Comfortable During a Long Flight

  1. Light jacket – if you get cold easy, keep your jacket with you instead of in your carry-on bag
  2. Neck pillow – this is my personal favorite
  3. Wear comfortable clothes
  4. Earplugs
  5. Eye mask
  6. Scarf/blanket – especially nice on an overnight flight

Pro Tip: Walk up and down the aisle or stand up and do stretches every couple of hours

arriving in uganda after a long flight

With our family favorites, you are ready to pack your bags and put on your most comfortable clothes, and head to the airport. I am sure there are a few things I missed mentioning. So, if you have a personal favorite item to bring on long flights please share! And stay tuned for more travel tips, because I have many more travel ideas, hacks, and adventures to share with you.



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