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10 Things I Wish I packed in the RV

Sep 21, 2021 | Travel, Travel Tips | 0 comments

We have officially been traveling in the RV for a couple of weeks now and experienced a lot on the road. Being new RV owners and adventurers, I still can’t believe we took this big beast on a 7000-mile road trip. We have traveled through tornado watches & thunderstorms, doing school, and visiting a ton of historical sites. We have learned a few things about what is working, what we love in the RV, and what we should have packed. If you want to know how I keep everything organized watch how I organized our RV for our most recent road trip. 

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10 items I wish I packed in the RV

  • Small whiteboard and dry race markers
  • Fly swatter
  • small water toys – boogie board, floaty‘s

water toys toni cuenca unsplash

  • Small vacuum / Swiffer
  • Collapsible step stool
  • Griddle – plugin or pan
  • Suction cup hooks – to hang wet stuff in the bathroom
  • Low rearview mirror- For Jase to see what’s happening behind him with kids
  • Small massager- back/leg roller…driving for hours we get stIff legs
  • Electric scooters

quinn battick electric scooter unsplash

As we’ve been on the move life has been adventurous and every day brings different happenings. I have found many things I use every day and just couldn’t live without while living in our RV. 

10 items I can’t live without on an RV road trip

  • Tension Rods– we use these in the fridge and cupboards
  • Command hooks and hooks
  • WIPES: Bobs butt wipes- these are flushable in RVs, Hand wipes, & cleanser wipes
  • Tool Kit – you will end up needing to fix many things – screwdriver, few screws, drill, hammer, wrench, zip ties, duct tape

tools nina mercado unsplash uno card game linas drulia unsplash

  • Card games & small entertainment for kids – we love: Phase 10, Uno, and Cover your Assets (for 15% off 1-time use this code: RACHBENNETT)
  • Internet extender – we use SureCall – this helps a lot especially as you may park in the woods and not have good service. 
  • 3 gal water jug – this is the perfect size to keep everyone water bottle full and fits nicely on the counter
  • Sewer hose support – Holds Hoses in Place, No Need for Straps
  • Beddys – we love the zipper bedding, it makes it easy to make the bed and tuck everything away fast.
  • Instant pot & Rice Pot – so useful and takes up little space

instant=pot katherine chase unsplash

We have got a lot more to learn about RV life and can’t wait to go on more adventures.

Do you own an rv, what are your must-haves? If you haven’t seen our other posts about my favorite RV recipes as well as how to keep kids entertained on long trips check out those posts. 

I’ll see you on our next adventure, 


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