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Chore System That Works In RV

Oct 6, 2021 | Roadtrip, Travel, Travel Tips | 1 comment

My philosophy for household chores is everyone in the house needs to help. I use this same approach whether it’s at home or on the road. Having a chore system while traveling makes life on the road so much easier! For our most recent (month-long) RV road trip, I created a mini chore chart and taped it on the wall in the RV for everyone to see. Having a chore system was so nice, everyone knew what their responsibility was and I didn’t have to tell them. I have 2 tips to share to make your chore system work. The first is zones and the second is rewards! 

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1st Divide/delegate chores in RV

  1. Create a list of all the areas. I call them zones but you can name them whatever you would like. Each zone includes all the chores from the ground up that need to be done in that zone.
  2. Make a sticky note name tag for each person in the family. Use this to move each person to a different chore on the days you rotate. Keep the person’s name tag next to their assigned zone so they remember what chore they have.
  3. Write down what days of the week chores rotate. This is very helpful so everyone in the family knows the chore schedule.

Tip: While we were traveling in our RV we rotated chores 2x a week because the RV is such a small space and it will be cleaned more frequently.

RV Chore Zones in Detail


This chore includes keeping the dishes clean and stored away in the cupboards. Securing all the cupboards when we are on the road. Cleaning the counters and sink. As well as keeping out water jug filled.

Entry & Bunk Beds

The steps of the RV to the hallway with the bunkbeds. This includes keeping the floor clean, making sure the shoes are organized and not falling out, securing the fridge. Make sure the bunk beds are organized and beds made. We use beddy’s and I love them! They are like a sleeping bag for your bed. Beddy’s are super easy to use so they are very kid-friendly. I love how easy it is for even the youngest kids to make their beds (without excuses).

Living Room & Driver Seats

This zone includes making sure the table is converted into a bed for sleeping and into a table during the day. This zone also has a corner where the school supplies are stored so that area needs to stay organized each day. Like all the other areas this zone needs floors swept and any items just laying around put away.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom zone includes making the bed, putting the pillows where they go so the bed can scoot up to drive during the day, and then moving the bed back out at night. (This is probably the easiest zone because Jase and I keep it clean already there are just a few basic things that need to be done in this area.


Chore responsibilities in the bathrooms include making sure all towels and swimsuits are hung up to dry. Keeping the toilets, shower, and counters/sink clean. Lock the shower and make sure all the cupboards are closed, while we are driving. To keep the toilets smelling fresh between draining the waste we flush an orange tablet down the drain to keep the odor at bay.

Tip: I use suction hooks that I use in the shower to hang towels and swimsuits. They move around which is also really great!

2nd Use a rewards system

Lastly, we have a rewards system every day for those who do their chore. Sometimes it includes earning spending money to put a souvenir or antique item they want. Other times the reward is getting to watch a show or getting to have some free time when we are at a location. If you want to learn how I do rewards at my house check out my post where I share our rewards system.

I love giving my kids opportunities to be responsible at home, on the road, or at a vacation house. With everyone helping out it means the whole family has time for fun on our vacation!

For your next vacation remember, you don’t have to do it all. Let the kids help, then the whole family gets a vacation!


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