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25 Homemade Costumes for $25 or Less

Oct 7, 2021 | Celebrate, Halloween | 0 comments

This year (like so many in the past) I pulled out my sewing machine to make our Halloween costumes. Because I am frugal, and costumes are so expensive, we make our costumes almost every year. Plus, I enjoy the creativity of making our family costumes. If that is the case for you this year then I have a few great costume ideas. If you don’t have time to make a costume there are few popular costumes that I thought I would share.

25 Homemade Costumes for $25 or Less

1. Mary Poppins and Bert This perfectly inexpensive classic couples costume is super easy to make. You can often find the outfit pieces at your local thrift store, and then make your chimney sweep.

mary poppins costume diy

2. Bank Robber This one is so simple all you need is: black/white striped shirt, black pants, black gloves, beanie, an eye mask, and a white bag (you can easily sharpie a $ symbol on the front of the bag

robber halloween costume

3. Gumball Machine For this cute costume you’ll need a hot glue gun a white shirt some felt and a lot of small pom poms.

dn0a7537 683x1024

4. Bat Costume For this costume you will need a black outfit to pair with your homemade bat wings and ears. This costume requires a black umbrella to make the wings.

bat costume

5. Baby Yoda (from Madlorian) This is cute on any baby. Pair your homemade baby Yoda ears with a tan/brown robe, and green pants to complete the look.

diy baby yoda costume 400 px by 700 px mandalorian 5

6. Spider-Man Homecoming is a bit more work than some to put together but is such a fun popular costume that will be worth the effort to make it. 

7. Owl Costume this cute toddler costume doesn’t require any sewing.

hedwig halloween costume 3 683x1024

8. Scuba Diver  Save your 2-liter soda bottles, you’ll need them for this costume. 

scuba diver costume 5

9. Cute Panda Bear If you are not into sewing this one’s for you

samsung csc

10. Rubik’s Cube is a fun costume for anyone. This one includes a bit of painting.

rubiks cube costume on made everyday with dana willard 4 690x917

11. Robot Family costume is a great one for the whole family

robot family costume diy

12. Wonder Woman This costume is sure to be popular with superhero fans. It might be a little more pricy to make but is worth it.

toddler wonder woman costume diy

13. Disney Tourist Put on your favorite Mickey and Minnie mouse shirts and make your ears from felt

disney tourists family halloween costume idea 683x1024

14. Free Guy is super simple to make just use a blue button-up shirt, striped tie, khaki pants, and homemade name tag, or buy your name tag

free guy costume

15. Belle from Beauty and the beast is a sure favorite among the Princess fans, you only need a blue dress, white apron, and some books.

modest belle halloween costume

16. Athlete – This super easy costume can be thrown together last-minute with a sports jersey, athletic shoes your gear.


17. Alice in wonderland card soldier costume

cardsoldier 1

18. Cupcake costume This is a fun costume for little girls, you could also make a donut costume to go with it!

diy no sew felt donut costume kids

19. Little Red Riding Hood – first make a red cape other items you will need are a white apron, white socks, black shoes, and a red dress or white shirt and black skirt.

little red riding hood costume

20. Witch, This is a really easy costume. You will need a black dress, black tights, black shoes, and a witch hat

modest witch costume with black dress

21. Velma from Scooby Do is easy to put together if you already wear a lot of red and or orange and have those colors in your wardrobe.

velma scooby do costume

22. Parrot Costume this super cute costume for kids is a great one if you don’t mind using the sewing machine.

parrot costume 12

23. Popcorn Costume for the TV lovers this fun costume is super easy to make.

brookec57 201611070711263707none

24. Ice Cream Costume

diy ice cream cone costume5

25. Minion from Despicable Me – We made these costumes in the past it was so fun!

last minute adult minion costume 1

I hope you found a costume that you’re looking for this year. If you didn’t find one here I have a lot more costume ideas here. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I love dressing up and celebrating! I don’t like my kids eating all that candy though… A tradition we have is to watch The Great Pumpkin on Halloween, then the kids can choose to give away their candy for something better. My kids love this tradition and look forward to it every year.

Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?



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