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Cora & Evee’s Room Makeover

Nov 5, 2021 | Family Life | 0 comments

It was time for the little girl’s (Cora and Evee) room to have a bit of a makeover. For the past couple of years, Cora and Evee have had an ocean/beach-themed room, and we wanted to change the theme and revamp their room, so we got a lot of supplies and spent a couple of sleepless nights in order to completely transform their bedroom. It turned out so adorable! We went with a fairy/forest theme if you want to see any of the products we used to create this room, all the pictures and links are below.

Old Swing Area vs. New Reading Nook

decoration-forest-jungle-old vs new-upgraded-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor tree branches mural makeover-room-forest-fairy-cora and evee-decoration


ivy-vines-plants-green-leaves-fairy-forest-room makeover-decoration

Amazon: Fake Ivy (24 pcs)


decoration-forest-jungle-mural-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-decoration Wall Mural Jungle


decoration-forest-jungle-tree-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-decoration

Michael’s: Base of the Tree


decoration-forest-jungle-branch-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Michael’s: Tree Branches


decoration-forest-jungle-turf grass-rug-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Home Depot: Turf Grass Rug

decoration-forest-jungle-bird nest-eggs-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor


decoration-forest-jungle-bird-nest-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Michael’s: Bird Nest


decoration-forest-jungle-bird-eggs-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Michael’s: Fake Eggs

decoration-forest-jungle-seats-floor cushions-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor


decoration-forest-jungle-seats-pillows-floor-cushions-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor Floor Pillows

Old Table Area vs. New Swing Area

decoration-forest-jungle-old vs new-upgraded-old table area-new swing area-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor decoration-forest-jungle-swing-chair-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor


decoration-forest-jungle-thin vines-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Amazon: Thin Vines


decoration-forest-jungle-bird-eggs-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor

Michael’s: Thick Garland


decoration-forest-jungle-fuzzy rug-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Circle Green Fuzzy Rug

Old Storage Spot vs. New Table Area

decoration-forest-jungle-old vs new-upgraded-old entrance area-old staorage-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor decoration-forest-jungle-wreath-seat-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy


decoration-forest-jungle-wreaths-2 pack-seat cushions-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy 2.32.37 pm

Amazon: Wreath Seat Cushions (2 pcs)

decoration-forest-jungle-bed vines-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy


decoration-forest-jungle-hanging vines-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Hanging Vines

decoration-forest-jungle-botanical-prints-pictures-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy


decoration-forest-jungle-botanical pictures-prints-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Botanical Pictures

decoration-forest-jungle-woodland creatures-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy


decoration-forest-jungle-woodland creatures-deer-fox-bunny-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Woodland Creatures

Old Entrance & Bedding vs. New

decoration-forest-jungle-old bed area-wall area-old decorations-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor decoration-forest-jungle-art-picture frame-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy


screen shot 2021 10 20 at 2.53.38 pm

Michael’s: Butterflies (10 pcs)

Other Extra Decorations


screen shot 2021 10 20 at 2.53.13 pm

Michael’s: Wreath With Moss


decoration-forest-jungle-mushrooms-hedgehog-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Tiny Mushroom and Hedgehogs


screen shot 2021 10 20 at 2.51.51 pm

Amazon: Mini Fairy Garden Door


decoration-forest-jungle-entrance rug-greenery-room makeover-cora and evee-decor-fairy

Amazon: Doorway Rug

We love how this makeover turned out! Be sure to check out how our other remodels and makeovers have gone! Cora and Evee are in love with their new room as well, you have to watch the video to see their priceless reactions! Follow along if you want to see more projects and learn tips and tricks. Thanks for hanging out!



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