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How to Conquer Black Friday Shopping

Nov 10, 2021 | Celebrate, Family Life, Thanksgiving | 0 comments

Wanting to Conquer Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals? Have you done it before or are you new to it?  I have been going Black Friday shopping since I was younger, and it has been a fun family tradition. This year is different, because of the chain supply there are shortages in many items. So make sure to get your Christmas shopping done early. Here are some of the things I do to make sure I have the best deals for the items I want to purchase.

Items or Experiences

First, I ask myself and our family this question: “Do we want to have THINGS or EXPERIENCES this year”.  This answer completely changes each year.  Last year it was a SURPRISE family trip. To see that go HERE.


We completely surprised our kids with an early trip away, and they loved it. Although, sometimes we forget that AIRLINES, RESORTS, or HOTELS actually have BLACK FRIDAY DEALS as well.  So if you would like a family Vaca sometime soon, don’t forget to look to see if there are any Holiday Deals (even for a later date). You might find a fun vacation destination close by with a good deal, so keep your eyes open.

Items and Shopping for Black Friday

Make a list and prepare ahead of time. Make sure you have the most important items on the top of that list just in case you are not able to get to all the items in time. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are making your list.

    • Who are you shopping for
      • kids
      • siblings
      • spouse
      • friends
      • neighbors
      • animals
      • a whole family gift
    • Specific items you’re looking for
      • electronics
      • crafts
      • appliances
      • tools
      • clothes
      • kitchenware
      • toys
    • What stores are close by
      • If you aren’t sure (new to the area, or traveling) look on google maps. Or while you are out and about, look for smaller stores that are local shops. There might be some new smaller stores or boutiques that are having great sales with good quality stuff.
      • I have many more holiday shopping tips if you are looking for more ways to save on deals this year.
    • Stores that have big deals this year

Research Black Friday deals

Take this opportunity to signup for email / mail / text discounts to your favorite stores
research early because some of the best BF deals may begin BEFORE the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Due to Covid19 Most stores are having BLACK FRIDAY EARLY!!,  They’ve even already started.  

    • Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, & Best Buy- to name a few, have already started their deals.  Some are online and some are in stores.  Walmart has daily deals and weekly deals,  and Target has weekly deals, but you are able to see the previews on Thursday for the upcoming week if you sign up.  So go start taking a look around where you can.

Is it really a good deal for Black Friday?

Sometimes stores knowingly markup the original prices and add a “discount” to make you think you are getting a good deal, when in fact, the price is not much different from non-BF days.  keep a mental note throughout the year what prices for the items you buy and see if you can’t get your item for a better price during an off-season holiday discount, like Spring Sales in February and March.

    • Make sure you love what you’re getting, does someone you know have it, are the reviews good, or have you used it before or tried it out.  We especially like to make sure we try things out if it’s a big purchase. Here’s Jase and I trying out tubs before we buy one for our bathroom!

Try before you shop

Shop Strategically on Black Friday

If you can get the same deal online, choose to avoid the BF madness and shop from home
stack up the savings | use stackable deals like items already on sale with discount codes, coupons, FREE shipping offers, to get the best deal possible

Bring your Christmas list with you.

By having your Christmas shopping list handy you won’t miss out on a good deal for something you already plan on buying. This will save you stress trying to remember what you need to buy.

For some awesome CHRISTMAS, LIST PRINTABLES go HERE!!!!!!!!!  Passion for savings has some awesome ones and more.

Holiday Shopping planning Printables

Don’t just shop for the big brands.

Look for off-brand items that are a really good deal. Many stores will promote smaller brands during Black Friday.

Leave your kids at home!

We all love our kids, but we also know that shopping, in general, can be tough with kids. On Black Friday it can be a bit more stressful if you bring the whole family. Leave your kids at home so you can quickly get what you need and get out. You won’t have extra minds distracting you and begging you to buy more than you need or can afford.

shopping with kids

Now you are ready to conquer Black Friday!

If you want more Black Friday to see more deals in one place, BLACKER FRIDAY is a great place to start.


Cyber Monday Tricks for 2020       How to Enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020


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