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40 Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love

Nov 16, 2021 | Celebrate, Christmas | 1 comment

There are so many ways to show our loved ones we care during the Holidays. One of the easiest (but not always cheapest) ways is to give a gift you know they really want. There are many other ways to give during the Holidays. I like it when our Christmas is focused on more than buying gifts. Sometimes we don’t give our kids any presents. Instead, we do a family experience like we did this last year. Jase and I surprised our kids with a vacation instead of doing gifts and it was amazing! Each year we have homemade gifts, and gifts of service no matter what else we do. I love the care and love that goes into giving meaningful gifts (homemade or not). Here are a few gift ideas you won’t want to miss this Christmas!

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10 Homemade Gifts

When it comes to homemade there are a few different categories: food, crafty (sewing, crocheting, woodworking, etc…). Picking the right gift that you feel confident you can make means you are more likely to finish!

homemade gifts

  1. Stick horses – need basic sewing skills
  2. Tic-tac-toe gameboard – need power tools experience.
  3. Photo calendar – gather your favorite photos and make your own family calendar
  4. Hot and cold rice packs – need basic sewing skills
  5. Caramel candies – cooking
  6. Holiday sugar scrub – cooking
  7. Scrapbook paper coasters– anyone can make
  8. Homemade Christmas mistletoes canvas – gift to do with babies and toddlers
  9. Popsicle stick nativity – easy for kids to make
  10. Christmas bear and deer – Needed crochet experience

10 Gifting Experiences

If you feel like your kids have enough today and don’t know what gifts to give this is a perfect choice. Planing a memorable experience is something fun you can do together and they will remember years later.

  1. Pottery Class
  2. Indoor Skydiving
  3. National Park Pass
  4. Family movie night – pick a movie (or give a gift card to rent one), popcorn, and a blanket: put it all in a basket and wrap it.
  5. Book a vacation – staycation (stay at a local hotel and eat out in town), Disneyland, resort, cruise, road trip, etc…
  6. Scuba diving lesson
  7. Horseback riding
  8. Tickets to go see a local play (or even season tickets)
  9. Season tickets for favorite sports team
  10. Membership: waterpark, amusement park, zoo, museum, aquarium, etc…

10 Must-Have Gifts

Christmas morning presents under tree

You don’t want to miss these popular holiday items!

  1. 3-in-1 Apple Charging Station
  2. Temperature Control Smart Mug 2
  3. Wireless earbuds: apple AirPods 3rd gen, Jabra, Samsung Galaxy buds 2
  4. Virtual Reality Headset
  5. Custom Fort Playset
  6. Apple Air tags
  7. Disney Ice Castle Lego Set
  8. Minky Couture – use code: Ohana45
  9. Bombas socks/slippers
  10. Electric Scooter

10 Service Gift Ideas

Serving someone is one of the best ways to express love. There are so many ways to give the gift of service, and you don’t have to wait until Christmas. Start now with these ideas: 50 Days of Holiday Service

  1. Give a massage
  2. Breakfast in bed
  3. Plan a special date (with your loved one or a father/daughter date, or mother/son date)
  4. Write a letter
  5. Make time for your family – plan a fun activity and set aside distractions
  6. 12 Days of Christmas
  7. Leave a special note on your loved one’s pillow each day of the week
  8. Make a special dinner for the family
  9. Do someone’s chore for a week
  10. Clean mom/dad’s car – Bonus hang an air freshener once’s it’s clean

Giving gifts is not about how much money you spend or the time it takes to make a gift. It’s about thinking of others and giving from the heart.

I hope this Holiday season you feel the spirit of Christmas as you plan your holiday gifts.


1 Comment

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