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10 Days of Holiday Giveaways Day 10

Dec 4, 2021 | Celebrate, Christmas | 25 comments

The giveaway is CLOSED. Thank you for all entries.

Aloha, welcome to The Ohana Adventure 10 days of giveaways! We want you to have the BEST Christmas ever! Come back and enter each day for something new and amazing!

  • Our TENTH Giveaway Day is a $200 VISA card & $100 VISA Card! (2 separate Winners!) (GLOBAL)
  • We are so grateful for all we have been given want to give back. This Christmas we want to give you & your friends Money for Christmas! That’s Right we want you to nominate a family that could use the $$ for Christmas & how awesome they are..and if we pick them, you will get $100 Visa Card. (Global)

day 10 holiday giveaway

To enter:
1) Follow @theohanaadventure, @rachbennett & @jasebennett on Instagram

2) TAG Friend on Instagram & Here on the BLOG.
3) TELL US HERE (on the blog) Why this Family could use the $$ or is just an AWESOME Family! – **MUST Include their IG handle & your IG handle (IG username)
*extra entries – Share This blog post link in an Instagram Story and tag us*

There will be 2 Winners – The family nominated will win $200 Visa Card, YOU Will win $100 Visa Card! (Global)

This contest runs for 5 days from (today) and ends December 8th. Winners will be announced HERE & on Instagram.

10 day's of holiday giveaways toa

We want to spread the giving of Christmas by nominating others. Please think hard about who could use this, we want to bless someones life!

Make sure to go back and ENTER the last couple giveaways. If you haven’t already, enter yesterday’s giveaway to win TOA GEAR!



  1. Alexander Wertheim

    @christian_w_18 is my twin brother and my best friend. He is just an awesome person who is always there for me, and kind to all! My Instagram is @alexwertheim_13

    • Alannah Hall

      @alannah8hall should give it to her because they are about to move in a house

    • Lia webb

      The person I think deserves the prize is the most caring person I know his name is Adrian G he is always putting others before himself and showing kindness in anyway he can. He gives until he can’t anymore( keep in mind he’s not the riches individual) this year he is really stuggly he lost his job and is trying to find another but times are tough. Love is every where but he’s having a hard time finding some. He’s very worried about how he will afford his next car payent and without his car his life won’t be the same his car is his pride and joy. He always gives to others but in his time of need no one is there for him.

      My Instagram @gtfo_its_lia
      Adrian’s Instagram is @adrianba18

  2. Bree Arnoldy

    @kregersheila is the mom of my boyfriend. Back when the recession hit their family got hit hard financially and when it seems like they are finally getting back on their feet again, something else occurs. This money would help them better their house or help pay off the debt they have. They have done so much for me that I hope to give this money back to them to help portray my appreciation for them! My ig handle is @Bree.Arnoldy

    • Verity

      I would love to nominate my dearest friend Esther @mizbarton
      She is having her first baby! Her and her husband are excited about there baby boy! They found out that he has a cleft palette. They have been on my mind ever since I found out about their news. They are the sweetest and could use the money to help their baby boy. I know this can help pay a little bit for his medical expense and I know how appreciate they will be if they were able to get this!
      Thank you for everything y’all are doing!
      My I.G handle is @verbear16

  3. Mariana

    You guys are amazing I hope that I win

    • Mariana

      I also have 10 siblings I thought it would be nice to get them gifts for Christmas

  4. Charity Pack

    I would love for get this money to buy gifts for my brothers kids. He passed from COVID this summer and I would love to gift them something special. @davidlemasters is my brother. He is missed dearly.

    @mommy_of _1_plus_2_plus_1

  5. Stephanie Hamilton

    I am having a hard time with this one because I don’t know of anyone who is in need if I do then I will let you know.

  6. Clarissa

    If I win this money I plan on donating it to cancer research because I feel that that is a good cause and they could really use it! @clarissabrickl1

  7. Erin Hawkins

    College students could use this the most. They need to pay all kinds of bills, work 2 or 3 jobs to help pay those bills, and at the same time finishing up their school work. Plus gas money for those who don’t live on campus or who just want to go home on the weekends to see their family. We also can’t forget groceries that need to be bought so they can can have food to eat. Stormie is one of the hardest workers there is. She goes to college, does all her school work, tutoring kids, working a job most days each week, finding time for her friends/boyfriend and other activities, visits with her family, and tons of other stuff on top of that. She deserves this card of money to help her get some groceries or whatever she needs for school. I’m trying to make her holidays just as special as she is and to put a smile on her face because she has gone through so much this year. Thank you for doing this and helping others it truly means a lot to me. My Instagram is @theweerdlyuniverse and hers is @stormielashea2000.

  8. Lily Farnham

    Are family would use it to buy Christmas presents for our family since we don’t have a lot of money this Christmas so that’s what we would use the money for love you guys so much merry Christmas!!!

  9. Khara Latiesya Nazrin Diego

    @adrianablsh. She is my cousin. I think she deserves this. When she gets the money, she could buy new clothes, necessities, food or even things that she wants to buy. I donated most of my used clothes to her family but I do think once in a while they want something brand new for themselves. I did help in ways that I can but I can’t provide the money to my cousin since I don’t have enough for myself. My cousin and her family are awesome people! They deserve the whole world:) It means a lot if you could help them. My Instagram is khara_77

  10. Amber Nickerson

    My family would use the money to buy christmas presents for us since we don’t have the money to get anything this year. @flybrin @juana_areli

  11. Katie DeLee

    My family love donating to kids in need especially at the holidays this year we really don’t have the money to do so and money would help us to that. @deleefamily8

  12. Anahí

    Hi My name is Anahi. I would really like to give the money to my mom because financially she is really struggling and this could help us start saving up for a trip maybe or even just help her pay some bills right now. I am only 14 and can’t do much to help but this letter to you guys is something I can do. God bless!

    • Anahí

      My moms IG: @gels_88
      My IG: Sing_praise07

  13. Laila

    If I win the money I would give it to my parents so they can have money to pay their bills.

  14. Nicole

    My best friend has had a very very hard 3 years! Her mom out of the blue had an aneurism and a stroke and has been in rehab living facility. She’s the only one in her family that has been left to take care of every and all decisions regarding her mom. She’s also been having a hard time finding a job this whole time. @luv_dont_live_her3 @Shh2quiet

  15. Kaliz

    @nana0369 is my mom she is a single mom of 5 kids and she quit her job to watch my baby sister while we go to school and she doesn’t have much money because she quit her job to watch my sister and this Christmas I really want to buy my mom and sibling a really nice gift and I really think the $200 can be so helpful for that and this is my insta @kaliz_101 I really hope I win and also I love your videos so much I watch them whenever u post and if u don’t post I watch the old videos.

  16. Samuel Hisey

    I would like to nominate our friend @heidigodar. Her and her husband have 3 kids under the age of 5, all with lingering health issues. They have had many health struggles over the years and I would love to see some of the financial aspect at Christmas taken off their plate. We have known them for close to 13 years now and they are always so giving of others. We worked together for quite some time, and our customers would always ask “Are they really always that happy?” And the answer was always YES. They are blessings in many ways and I would love to see their little family be blessed back! @sam.hisey

  17. Ciara

    My sweet sister in law and her husband are college students and expecting their first baby within the next month!! Her and her husband are so incredibly amazing and I know they will be such great parents!! I know this money would be so helpful for them as they get ready to welcome their baby boy!

  18. Laura

    @Jillianmarie.durham deserves this hands down! She is one of the best people I know! She is always helping and serving those around her, and still gives everything she has to her husband and 3 kids. She’s expecting another baby and works through being sick to serve her family. She still helps me even though I’m accross the county!


  19. Danielle Abbott

    @cvrusso and family have the biggest hearts. They are always doing for others, not even thinking twice about it. 2020/2021… we could all use a little extra ❤️❤️❤️



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