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How to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Dec 30, 2021 | Celebrate, Everyday Life | 0 comments

It’s a new year and a great time to set some goals. Setting goals for the new year should inspire you! To get in the mood, set a date when you will take sit down to think about and make your new year’s resolution. Make it fun to sit down with your family (or by yourself) and plan how you want to change in the new year!

Before sitting down to write your goals think about how you can make this a fun activity. You can celebrate what achievements and special moments you had the previous year and set intentions for the new year. Make it fun! Consider having a mini planning party…don’t forget to write big moments for the new year – birthdays, trips, etc… If you don’t know where to start read how I do goal setting with kids.

5 Steps to Make Your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Reflect on last years goals and accomplishments
    • What did you do? Not do? How do you want to improve
  2. Make your resolution attainable – too big may overwhelm and then disappoint
    • Take baby steps to improve – If you want to learn a new language, start with the goal of learning 5 conversation phrases. (This goal is measurable and attainable)
    • Write down your new year’s resolution and goals
  3. Make a plan– what steps are needed every couple of months to accomplish your goals
    • what milestones will help you achieve the goals?
    • Write your plan out in a planner and include the milestones
    • Pro Tip: Take a minute write any planned vacations for the year
      • We use Erin Condren planners – I love these planners. They have many different layouts and fun styles they have to choose from. Use our discount code:OHANA10 for 10% off your purchase
  4. Set accountability days – like 3 months, 6 months, 9, etc.
      • You could ask someone to be your accountability partner and share when them on your predetermined accountability days
  5. Find quotes and hang them up around your house or use as your phone background to bring you daily inspiration

New Year’s Resolution Example

What our family did last year for our New Year’s resolution.

  1. Choose a family theme for the year – ours was Intentional Living Or a personal theme for the year – my personal theme was being present.
  2. Having a theme really helps when you set your goals.
  3. Think of your overall theme while you set goals in different areas of your life

Example: last year for me- being present

  • Goals throughout the year were:
    • exercising EARLY to make more time to be present for kids
    • having a date with teens monthly
    • reading books with the children
    • dates with Jase

Reflecting and goal setting should be fun! I hope as you make your New Year’s resolution you choose goals that are attainable and inspire you to be better! Don’t forget to hang quotes around your house. These are what inspire me throughout the year.

What helps you stick with your goals? Comment below.



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