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After Christmas Home Organization

Jan 4, 2022 | Family Life, Organization | 1 comment

This is the perfect time to use these extra days to declutter & reorganize. After Holidays are over I like to go through my house to do just that.  First I start with the Holiday items by putting them away and organizing them. Next, declutter any other extra things that are not being used. Here is a breakdown of how I tackle the post holiday clutter.

1st – Organize and store holiday items

I organize my holiday boxes by location. This makes it much easier the next year when we put up our holiday decor. I use cardboard boxes but you could use other storage bins. You can find great ones at Ross, Target, or Walmart.

  • kitchen – holiday dishes, table clothes, center pieces, counter decorations
  • Living spaces – holiday blankets, decor, stockings, mantle decor
  • tree box – ornaments, garland
  • Nativities – if you have a lot of nativities you will need a box for all them
  • outside – lights, front door decor, wreaths,
  • sort and declutter Holiday items

kitchen holiday decor organization (1)

2nd Declutter after holiday decor is put away

Once all the holiday decorations are stored away, I declutter my house room by room. I look for things that are not being used or are broken.

  • Kitchen – Look for extra dishes that are never used
  • Living Room – Remove extra pillows, get rid of old blankets, clutter
  • Family Room – Old board games, puzzles, books, movies
  • Bedrooms – Kids rooms, toys and master bedroom
    • Kids get clothes for Christmas – rotate the really used or out grown clothes
      • Look for torn clothes, holes, stains etc…
      • Do a try on – find clothes kids don’t like to wear
      • for older (teens & adults) look for clutter on night stands, dressers, trinkets no longer needed/wanted
    • Declutter Toys
      • Look for games missing pieces, broken boxes. Fix boxes or donate them

Pro Tip: the same number of toys that come into the house go out. This Helps the kids be able to let go of older toys as they get new ones.

The Holidays are wonderful, but sometimes post Holiday can be a big mess and overwhelming. I love to take this time to do a good clean and declutter. Let’s start the New Year off feeling fresh & ready to conquer 2022.


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