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How to Play Blindfold Hide n’ Seek

Jan 11, 2022 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 2 comments

Blindfold Hide n’ Seek has been a staple game that our family plays regularly. We have played Blindfold Hide n’ Seek in the boy’s room, the classroom, dad’s office, mansion laundry room, the girl’s room, tiny hotel, bathroom, the teen’s room, the new kitchen, and in the tiny house two times. We also played it at the beach, Target, Walmart, and with tons of YouTubers (Shot of the Yeagers and That YouTube Family). 

How to Play 

Blindfold Hide n’ Seek is obviously an alteration of the original game of Hide n’ Seek. The game Hide n’ Clap is very similar to Blindfold Hide n’ Seek. Here is how you play the game step by step.

  1. Determine who is going to play. The game is best to play with at least three or more people.
  2. Define the parameters. Come up with a somewhat smaller space that the hiders are allowed to hide in. Hiders can only hide in places where light hits, consequently the hiders have to hide in places that are somewhat in plain sight. 
  3. Decide who is the seeker. The seeker then gets blindfolded and counts to 30 while the rest of the players hide.
  4. Once the seeker is done counting and everyone is hidden they keep their blindfold on and start looking and feeling around for the hiders.
  5. If you find someone after you felt them you are not allowed to touch anywhere else (ie. If you feel their hair it might make it easier to identify them). After the one touch, you have to guess who it is. If you guess correctly then that hider is out, but if you guess incorrectly then the hider gets to rehide in a different spot. 
  6. The game continues until the seeker has found everyone and guessed who they are accurately then the game is over. Whoever is found and guessed correctly last is the winner of that round. 
    core hiding blindfold hide and seek (1)

Some Rules 

  • The hiders are not allowed to move from their original hiding spot unless the seeker guesses who it is wrongly. 
  • You can time the seeker for how long it takes them to see who is the fastest seeker out of all the rounds. 
  • You can play as many rounds as there are people, or for however long you would like. 
  • If the seeker cannot find someone or multiple people after seeking for a while then they can ask for a beep or a clap. The remaining players then have to make a beep sound or clap to help the stumped seeker.

You know the rules. I’m tagging you: it’s your turn to play with your family! Share this post on Facebook or Instagram with a picture of your family/friends playing this game. Tag a friend and challenge them to play!



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