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How to Plan The BEST 9 Year Old Trip

Jan 25, 2022 | Birthdays, Celebrate, Family Life | 0 comments

We have loved doing these 9-year-old trips with each of our kids. I have found that spending this 1 on 1 time together really builds our relationship with each child. It also creates lasting memories with mom and dad. These trips are really about connecting with our children and less about what we do. So planning a 9-year-old trip for your kid does not have to be big or fancy. It just needs to be something they will enjoy with you.

How to Plan Your 9-year-Olds Trip

Here’s my guide to how I plan one of these 9-year-old trips. Each of them has been so different but always fun. Where we go or what we choose to do really depends on each kid’s own interests. Our most recent and last one was Cora’s 9-year-old trip.

1st – Find what interests your kids

cora ski trip

Have a chat with your child and find their interests. Try to come up with at least 3 things they are into. This will help you decide what activity/s you will be doing with them. For example, if they love the arts then a Broadway show could be really fun for them or maybe they love the outdoors and hiking, so a fun new place to explore would be their ideal trip. Or if your kid loves to play video/computer games, their adventure could be going to a gaming convention. There are so many options to explore! I like to find 3 different interests my kid likes to give me more options when planning a 9-year-old trip they will love.

Evee loves Dolphins, so I found Discovery Cove in Florida had a Dolphin Trainer adventure she could do. We took Evee to Discovery Cove and she got to experience what it would be like to be a dolphin trainer for a day. She swam with dolphins, learned what they eat, and about their life and habitat. This was a dream come true for her because she has always loved Dolphins.

evee feeding dolphin discovery cove

2nd – Search for all options for the trip. Make it your own kind of special!

jase wyatt fishing 2020

These trips don’t need to be expensive, get creative! Instead of going to NYC to see a broadway, check the traveling broadway list or if you are close to Vegas, you can find a less expensive adventure to go on. Trips can be fun just because it is 1 on 1. Drive an hour or so away and find an awesome day hike, pack some lunches, or buy lunch there. The idea here is to create a fun memory, not to go too crazy or spend too much.

3rd – Document your trip

shae with picture book

One of our favorite gifts to give is a picture book of the adventures we have gone on. Create a book of this special adventure and give it to them later, for Christmas, or another birthday, etc… There are so many ways you can create a memory picture book. I like using, but you could also do your own homemade scrapbook. If you are not into picture books you could also do a picture wall collage. We love looking through our picture books and seeing all the fun memories we have made together!

Now that I’ve told you how we plan our 9-year-old trips, it’s your turn to plan one!

Let us know where you are going.



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