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Overcoming Fear of Heights

Feb 1, 2022 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 1 comment

Our Family Goals for 2022 are Growth and Connection

This year as a family we are focusing on growth and connection. One way we are going to work on growth is by facing our fears. We do this by different activities that introduce us to our fears and then face them. It will be fun because we have different fears that we will all be facing together! We will experience some growth this year. We thought this would be a fun way to create some memories & do something different together.

Facing Our Fears Together

At the beginning of the year, we sat down as a family and wrote our fears. We also talked about how we felt conquering our fears could help us grow. We are all afraid of a few things. I am deathly afraid of snorkeling in deep water. Last year when we went to Tahiti it was so scary for me to get into the water with the fish.  I think we all missed out on great things in life when we let fear get in the way. So this year we are going to spend a lot of time overcoming them!

stratosphere jase jumping

Overcoming Fear of Heights

Sometimes we have these great ideas, but when it comes to down to it… it’s a bit harder to step up. To start this overcoming fears series the first fear we wanted to tackle; was the fear of heights. This was a great place to start because it’s a fear that a few of us have (including Jase and myself). The closest thing we have done as a family that compares to what we did today is rappelling down a 300 ft. waterfall in Africa. rykel jumping off strat

We found this fun sky jump in Las Vegas, NV located at the Stratosphere (the tallest building in Vegas). On the sky jump, you take an 829 ft. open-air leap overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. To make this jump even more trilling you fall at a speed of up to 40 mph. This is the most terrifying thing some of us, afraid of heights (Shae, Rykel, me, and Jase) have ever done!

shae post sky jump

That wasn’t so bad…

We took the family on a road trip and did something we didn’t think we could do. But we did it and as crazy as this might sound, it was fun too (in a scary kind of way). Make sure to watch our video because we filmed it all. Facing our fear of heights was hard, but we did it. We took a leap (literally) and overcame our fears. And to end the night off on a funny note…the police got called because there was a drone flying too close to the stratosphere. It ended well in the end. What a fun night with lots of stories to tell!

the bennett family at vegas sky jump

This is just the beginning. We have a hat full of fears to face. Stay tuned for more growth and adventure because we will be conquering a lot this year. What is your biggest fear?


1 Comment

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