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Boys Music Theme Bedroom Makeover

Feb 19, 2022 | Family Life, Organization | 1 comment

If you have a teenager or are a teen yourself then you’ll probably agree that music is a huge part of almost any teenager’s life. Our boys are no exception, they love music! This past year they bought an old vinyl record player and some small speakers at a local thrift store. They set it up in their room on the floor (because there was nowhere else to put it). They have outgrown the current theme in their room with their rock wall.

Music themed teen bedroom makeover

Jase and I decided it was time to give the boy’s bedroom a makeover (including making more space for their record player and vinyl records). Jase knows a lot more than I do about speakers and getting it all to sound good. So I let him take charge and do a lot of the overall design, while I added a bit of color and fun with some throw pillows, a new rug, and curtains.

In order to make it a surprise we did a room swap with the rule that you cannot look/or go inside your own room. It worked perfectly and the boys were definitely surprised with this amazing bedroom makeover.

Removing the old theme/stuff

Before the makeover, Shae and Wyatt’s bedroom had a rock climbing wall, a hammock swing, and a cave wall. It was talking up most of their room and now they have outgrown it. Jase removed all that from the wall and ceiling which gave us a lot more space to work with.

Pro Tip: If you are doing planning a bedroom makeover before adding anything new to the room, make sure you remove anything that is not absolutely necessary ie. bed, dresser. Move out all other furniture, toys, etc. to make room for creativity when adding in what you want.

Here are the before pictures of the boy’s bedroom from different angles.

boys room makeover before boys room makeover before 4 boys room makeover before 5

Creating a vintage music theme bedroom in 5 steps

  1.  Staple vinyl record covers to the empty wall. First, sort the records by how much you like them. Add more of the ones you like closer to eye level because they will be seen more. Place the other records away from those ones.
  2. Have some records coming out of the albums. This finished off the look on this wall.
  3. Make your music listening area. We found old speakers from thrift stores and Jase set them up so they could listen to music through them with a counter area to display their record player.
  4. Add in the new furniture. We brought in a black loveseat for Shae and Wyatt to sit on while they listened to their music. It sits directly across from the speakers for the best sound.
  5. Pick a color scheme for your decorative items/accessories for a coordinated look. Are accent colors are blue, gold yellow, black, and white. I found a nice music note-looking area rug that ties in all the colors. I also added a few accent pillows and replaced the curtains.

music station listening sitting area with vinyl record wall colorful area rug bunk bed makeover

The finished look turned out even better than we envisioned! Shae and Wyatt love their bedroom makeover! and I am sure their new music set up will get lots of use. If you haven’t been following us or just missed our other recent makeovers go check them out now! We have changed a lot in a few different rooms including the theater, little girl’s room, and Rykel’s room. Stay tuned because we are not finished with the room makeovers just yet!


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  1. Chelsey Queen💜💜

    I love it!


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